SoundCore Sport XL

My SoundCore Sport XL has always worked fine. But a couple days ago it started simply powering down after 2-3 minutes of use. I thought it was low on power and so recharged it but the problem persists.

Right now, when the unit is plugged in but powered down none of the lights are lit.

When it is powered up the blue light is steady but the three white lights blink in unison whether plugged in or not, then the power drops after 2-3 minutes.

The instructions that came with the unit do not address this condition.

Please HELP!

Do you have the speaker paired to a source? Because generally if there is no paired source or signal it will power down after a few minutes

I would try reseting the connection by holding down the buetooth button while it is not connected to anything wired or wireless.

Maybe the cable you are using to charge it is no working, try a different cable and a different outlet

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Yes, it’s always paired when this happens.

I’ve tried several different outlets. Is the cord something I can replace at a Best Buy or someplace like that?

Tried this. Same problem occurs.

What kind of cable does it use? Micro USB? If so, yea just try a different cable

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That was the issue. The cable simply wasn’t charging the unit. Thanks.

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I’m glad it was just the cable

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