SoundCore Sport XL (Review)

The SoundCore Sport XL is to me Anker’s first ‘cover all the bases’ speaker giving the end user a truly unique offering compared to other speakers in the range. A robust shock proof unit with a IP67 rating, 16w bass friendly output, backed up with a handsome 5200mAh internal battery for extended playback or the ability to top up your phone if required.

In the box
SoundCore Sport XL
Micro USB Cable
Nylon Wrist / Carry strap with elasticated core
Welcome Slip and Warranty card

The SoundCore Sport XL has an industrial design, making it not too hard to imagine it being at home on a building site with it’s brick like robustness, blocked rear design and hex screw held front grill. The matt black rubber covering feels good in the hand and helps to reduce the mass of fingerprints which are common among glossy variations. The only area on the speaker which has any give/movement, is on rear, the plate for the passive subwoofer. The rear base also has a press-fit cover that protects input and output ports as part of the IP67 rating.

Features / Use
As with the SoundCore 1 thru Boost models, the Sport XL uses a five button system for control, comprising of;

  • Power On/Off
  • Play/Pause/Answer/Reject - can be used for voice assistant (Siri etc) and to skip forward tracks
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Bluetooth

A LED light strip, which has carried over to the Boost and Pro models, is present to help determine current battery level and pairing status. Utilising Bluetooth 4.1, pairing is quick and easy for devices but you also have the option of an auxiliary connection under the press-fit flap. Also present under the flap is a micro-USB charging port and a type A USB port capable of powering a device at up to 1A from the internal 5200mAh battery. Thanks to it’s beefy battery you can get on average around 15hrs of playback time, depending on volume and content type, with a recharge taking just over 3hrs on the 2A charging port. Playback at 40-80% volume, my normal range, yielded better than the 15hrs estimate making it to just under 17hrs, with a mixture of formats. As with other SoundCore models there is a built-in noise cancelling microphone to allow use for hands free calls.

Audio quality and loudness is impressive with the dual 8w drivers. Clean, crisp audio playback over several music genres tested such as opera, rock and country/folk. While the bass is warm and noticeable, I do find it to be less impressive than the more recent SoundCore 2, which has a deeper tone without drowning out subtle details in tracks. Depending on intended use and audio preferences, this could be something to take into consideration.

Noteworthy Aspects
Robust construction
Shock, dust and waterproof (IP67 for 30 minutes at 1m depth)
Loud and clear audio with good bass
Built-In mic for hands-free / conference calls

Possible Disappointments For Some
Only available in black
Weighty, tipping the scales at 600g (over half a bag of sugar)

Having used the speaker on/off for several months, more often than not in DIY scenarios where the dust of the wood and plaster variety played a role, the speaker has still continued to function as well as the first day out of the box. Now while I’ve never been brave enough to well and truly drown it as a test, it’s had plenty of quick dips under a tap to remove residual dust (and the like) after a good air dusting of the front grill. Still going strong!

If you’re after a speaker for use in the rough and rugged outdoors, at the beach, in the garden or where elements could be a threat to the average speaker, the SoundCore Sport XL is a good option to keep peace of mind.

Video demo of audio playback will be uploaded shortly


great review! this speaker is on sale right now but i bought a soundcore 2 and its winter right now so i dont know if id use this outdoors right now


Nice review as always. Love the fact that it’s ruggedness is readily apparent in your pictures, because to be honest looking at all the available speakers it’s hard to tell which is rugged and which isnt. If I get this it would be for the garage or poolside in the spring and summer.

Another great review, @ndalby!


Nice review. Thank you for including the pictures. That speaker sure looks rugged.

Great review! also fingers cross for anyone entered power draw for this product.

SoundCore Sport XL is a good product to help you enjoy your summer time! But winter is coming…and maybe we can choose other alternatives.:joy:


Winter is coming indeed. Speaking of weather, :nerd_face: what is your favorite season and how is the weather like there?

Great, thorough review! Thanks for sharing!

@ndalby (and others)

A question regarding the Power-on (on this as well as other Anker speakers)…

I have the smaller SoundCore Sport and powering it on involves a quite loud power-on tone sequence of four ascending notes. Does the SoundCore Sport XL (and other Anker speakers) still have this “feature”? This is highly annoying to me as many times, I want to use the speaker late at night and the power-on tone is pretty loud…not conducive to late-night listening at all.

I mentioned this in my review of the SoundCore Sport & was wondering if this has been changed since the smaller SoundCore Sport version was produced. I am reluctant to buy any Bluetooth speakers that involve this type of “feature”.

Thanks for any info.

Good review
I got this for a while, it still worked perfectly. it is a well-built product.

You could bring it to sauna with a water-resistant iphone or android. :blush:

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Great review!

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Want to build something that can withstand a Canadian -40 degrees celsius winter for snowboarders and people crazy enough to leave their house? XD


It’s also in the Power Draw. I have the SoundCore 2 as well and must say the sound quality is excellent.


Great review. I remember testing this speaker by immediately putting it in the sink as soon as I unboxed it haha.
I was afraid but very confident in the products Anker makes.

This speaker is really resistant to everything I put it through.
As of today, my Sport XL is covered in white paint, because I use it during my renovations. But hey, it’s meant for it :slight_smile:

I just wash it with water every once in a while, and it’s good to go.

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Thanks for the feedback (and pin @AnkerOfficial :hugging: ). Not really tested the speaker is extreme cold as even in UK winter (where I am) we only get to low minus Celsius numbers (2-5 on average). Might give a trial in snow should we get some :smile:

@SZak2015 The original SoundCore has the four ascending note power on noise but the Sport XL, Mini and SoundCore 2 have a single swish sort of power on sound. There’s a few examples of power on in YouTube reviews which demonstrate further until I can get a video up this weekend. :thinking: Note to self, don’t lend out your camera again :laughing:

Is that hint at a new speaker version (for winter conditions) or perhaps the elusive car jump starter :grin:

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great review!! excelent job!!! :heart_eyes:

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What pin? I’m curious

Had to re-read then as I was wondering what I was referring to :smile: Sorry I meant the topic being ‘stickied’ by @AnkerOfficial