SoundCore Sport XL questions

Hey guys,

I’ve been enjoying my rewards from Anker for winning the Power Station giveaway! I just took the SoundCore Sport XL for a spin, and as I do with any “waterproof” product, I test it faithfully for it’s claims. I used it in the shower - it wasn’t fully submerged, but definitely was getting water sprinkled on it. I noticed within a minute or so it became very muffled, to where I could barely hear the audio. After the shower, I wiped the exterior off, and noticed it was pretty warm to the touch. This seemed a bit concerning to me. Is this normal, or did I just ruin my brand new speaker?

Side note: what is the jiggly thing on the back where the Anker logo is? Does it serve a purpose?


I just received mine as well and the jiggly thing on the back is a subwoofer. You should be able to feel it vibrate during the lows in the song. Placing the speaker near a wall will help enhance the bass response.

The muffled sound is likely from water getting in the small holes on the front. The issue should go away as the speaker dries. As for the speaker being warm: could it have been from the warm water splashing on it?

Wow, I’m stupid! I think you’re right about the warm water, haha. I figured it’d dry out, but just wanted to check. I have another speaker (not Anker) that’s “water resistant,” and much less capable of handling a shower. But me being me, I tried it in the shower. I got the same muffled effect, but after an hour of drying, it works perfectly again. We’ll see if the same is true for the SoundCore.

You’re not taking the PowerCore in the shower, are you? :fearful:

@TechnicallyWell By PowerCore, I mean SoundCore Sport XL… I think I just gave you a heart attack haha!

Ha, ok! **Power**Core typically refers to the batteries, **Sound**Core typically refers to the speakers. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t getting electrocuted!

WOW TOTAL NOOB MOMENT!!! I knew that, I’m just so used to saying “PowerCore!” Literally laughing out loud right now!!

Or maybe I’m so addicted to my phone that I need an external battery in the shower…

JK :joy: