Soundcore Sport XL Going Silent on Calls

I have recent bought a Soundcore Sport XL and been using it for Webex calls. It is generally excellent, but every few minutes it goes silent, and I have to hit one of the volume controls on the unit to get the sound back. Has anyone else experienced this?


I have not had that problem at all with my speaker. Before blaming the speaker make sure your phone is up to date and try a restart and see if that sorts it out. To me it sounds more of a software or bluetooth issue than the speaker itself. But if all that fails call Anker they are always more than happy to make you happy! :slight_smile:

Could be some sort of built-in power save measure. When audio output is not detected or something, I know bluetooth headsets achieve their battery life in that manner. It could be your speaker is doing the same thing. Maybe a bluetooth setting or something could fix it.