SoundCore Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker--charging issues

First off let me start by stating i love the sound from this speaker–but have been greatly disappointed in the performance…i.e battery. i bought this in 4/2017 and i have been ‘fighting’ with battery issues since 2018. i only used the Anker usb cable they provided. I began having issues with the battery after a year/ Now keep in mind i am not rough with my equipment and take very good care of all things i own, but i soon became extremely disappointed in the battery performance. i only use it when i go to the beach 1-2/month and i would occasionally use it outside when doing yard work–that is it, so in my opinion, i was not what you would call a “power user”. The battery would only last for the day at the beach (4-6 hrs)and then would have to be re-charged.
It was after a year that i had noticed that the usb plug was loose in the hole and i would have to jiggle it to make the proper connections to get it to fully charge–sometime i would charge it overnight and then go to the beach the next time and it would not even power up. It soon was replaced by a cheap $10 BT speaker that way out performed the SC XL. I kept being persistent and found that i could charge it by very carefully putting the usb cord in and moving away very gingerly, because the slightest movement would upset the charging process, It still would charge and i would get use out of it–but like i said , it soon was replaced as my #1 speaker due to this inconvenience. AND I DID TRY OTHER CABLES DURING THIS TIME --not yelling just want to emphasize.
so my question is
1- is this normal for it to only last 1-3 years?
2- has anyone else experienced loose usb connection issues when attempting a charge?–i currently use a rubber band to hold mine in place
3- and what does the ONE white light FLASHING mean?–i cannot find a definitive answer anywhereon the forum or web.

Thank you in advance-rob

Could you add some photos.
This helps more than 1000 words.
Thank you.

We may help you by telling you to repair.

@ra6719 We are so sorry to know the issue with your SoundCore Sport XL speaker. If you tried a different cable but the issue persists, I’m sorry to say your speaker is defective. While the speaker is charging, there will be one flashing white light. And you could also contact us via if any further assistance needed.

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I am also having the same problems with my speaker not charging, and powering off after 1-2 minutes. I am in Canada, and purchased mine from the Anker store on Amazon in September 2018, and started having problems with it about a year later. With my frustration growing, I finally called the customer service line in late 2020, I was told that life expectancy of this Bluetooth speaker, is between 1-2 years, and as I was outside the 18 month warranty, there was nothing that could be done. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy at all. Fast forward a couple months and I’m perusing the internet, and I see that MANY people are experiencing the same problem. In fact, it appears to be a known issue.

So I’m asking you Anker, what can you do to help me?

I’ve got exactly the same issues and it’s getting even worse. Now it can take up to 24h to get fully charged with that unstable cable.

I have exactly the same issue, and it started for me from the start. I was mostly using the speaker indoors, on a shelf in my cabin, with careful plugging and unplugging because I know that’s where USB charging issues can start.

Still, it crapped out on me. Now, the speaker is completely unusable.

No more ANKER for me of any kind—including battery packs.

Off to iFixit to see if they have a guide.

I have 3 Soundcore sport xl’s and every one suffers from the loose charging port issue. When I am able to charge them I normally get 12 to 15 hours run time so that is no issue. The #1 problem is like I said the loose charging port. Sometimes it takes 30+ minutes to get a connection. Charge times will vary probably depending on the connection from 5 to 24 hours. Was really wanting to upgrade to the Motion Boom but I don’t want to waste money on something with the same problem . It’s a real shame as this works out perfectly for where I work.