SoundCore Sport XL audio stops midway

I really love the SoundCore Sport XL and it has been a viable communication tool for me during this pandemic, especially because of its microphone. But when im on long calls, the audio would tend to stop midway after maybe 2-5 minutes and I would be required to press the “-,” “=,” or “play” button to turn the audio back on.

My question is, is this purposely built into the system? And is there a way to disable this?

That doesn’t seem right. On a call, audio should not stop at all.

Initially I thought it might be connection issue so could you verify if you hear the tone of successful connection or something?

Yes there is a tone of successful connection. Actually the bluetooth connection doesn’t stop. And I notice it only happens to voice and video calls. Basically if my computer output settings is on Soundcore Sport XL “Communications.” This problem will happen.

So the audio just mutes itself. And i need to press any button for it to unmute. Its annoying because it happens even while im talking. So id wonder why the person on my call is not responding. But apparently I was just muted. And it doesn’t make a sound if its muted.

I made a video regarding this for you reference.

Is that a Windows 10 computer you have paired with the Soundcore Sport XL? In my experience, Bluetooth performance on Windows 10 is very buggy. Basically every Bluetooth headset I’ve tried to use with Windows gives me trouble. I have a somewhat similar issue where my Bluetooth earbuds will start sounding scrambled after a few minutes on a call even though they’re perfectly fine the first few minutes.

My best suggestion would be try to and find more up-to-date Bluetooth drivers directly from the Bluetooth chip’s manufacturer. For example, if you have a Dell computer, check the Device Manager as your Bluetooth chip may be created by Intel, so you would want to go to Intel’s website to find the latest drivers (as Dell’s site may not have the latest version).

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