Soundcore sport air sound problem

I have the soundcore Sport Air headphones.
I noticed that the left side sound is lower than the right. This issue was found on my phone and other phones.
I tried a reset of the headphones (hold8sec till red light) and it didn’t solve the problem.

Anyone have any tips on how to fix this?

Sometimes the sound can be unbalanced and needs to be readjusted. If you have a laptop you can click on your headphones when connected to bring up sound preferences Once in there you look for something that says balance sound. You can drag the bar to adjust the volume between left and right.
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If you found it on multiple phones, then it could be that your left has some wax. I would say try to clean the earbud out and use hydrogen peroxide with a Q-tip

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No wax, the headphones are clean

Are they under warranty? If so, you can email Soundcore at and let them know about this issue. Could just be that left is somehow is a little damaged