Soundcore Sport Air (Bluetooth earbuds) -A3405 on FCC

Just showed up on FCC
Anyone knows more about this?


Never heard Soundcore Sport Air before today, may be new product from Anker. Good find!

@AnkerOfficial When do we see release of this product :slight_smile:

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Hmmm. Interesting find.

Not heard of them…or got a FCC notification :confused:

Thanks for posting :thumbsup:

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Placeholder page on Amazon US here

No specs listed…

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Looks huge

Just found these at a local Walmart in Southern Illinois. Still unavailable on Amazon and is not listed anywhere on Anker or SoundCloud. Been testing them all day. Gotta say, I’m impressed. Been listening for about an hour and they’re reporting 90% battery remaining. IPX7 waterproofing. $32 with tax. Comes with S/M/L wings, XS/S/M/L/XL ear tips, a shirt clip, a cord clip, and a mash carrying bag. They’re super comfortable and don’t budge when I jog. I plan on taking real good care of these.

I walked out with one pair, tried them for 10 minutes and went back in to buy a second pair for my girlfriend’s birthday. No idea how that Walmart ended up with them or if they were even supposed to have them on the shelf, but don’t see any complaints here. :grin:

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Yep, Walmart requires some products to be released early / available exclusively at Walmart.

I bought these a month ago at Walmart. After I found the Anker sound buds life a couple of years ago and using the piss out of them I needed a replacement. The two features that sold me was the battery life and bass capability. I am very impressed with the sound quality. They are very comfortable. Not sure how they can’t be with so many earpiece options, plus I sleep in them. Battery life is excellent even when I’m blaring the music full bore for hours.

Two negative reviews I have are they don’t stay put well even with the shirt clip. I’m finding I have to adjust them often especially when only using one ear. The other thing I’m having trouble with is my iPhone 8plus doesn’t remember the drive and I have to forget and repair for each use. Not sure if these have firmware or a software update so I’ll look into that.

But for the price and my previous experience with Anker I am very please with these and highly recommended.

Glad your loving them!! Would you mind leaving a full review with pictures here on the community? If you want to you can start a new thread :wink:.

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Has Anker corrected the issue of having to forget the device , and then re sync it with Bluetooth? I find that annoying every time it turns off that I have to resync it. Thanks for the good product though. I have the Soundcore Sport Air and am running it on an iPhone 6s.

I’ve never had this issue with any soundcore products before…

I did have this problem with the bose sounlink mini…

I have never had to forget the sport air and rsync it to my phone. All I have to do is turn them.on and within seconds it pairs to my phone,as has all of my soundcore products.

If you have the latest iPhone OS, then go blame apple for their poor implementation of the bluetooth protocol as they did not integrate it properly and caused all sorts of issues for people using bluetooth devices

It’s not the latest iOS, it’s the new devices…