Soundcore Spirit X2

The three white dots are solid (fully charged) but when they connected to my phone it said 40%. I’ve also had trouble connecting them together (the right will connect but not the left as when I’ve pulled them out of the case the left one’s light turns off.) I’ve restarted my phone a couple times and I’ve heard “normal base” without touching any buttons and then the headphones turn off. Not sure what is going on but it started over a week ago.

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The battery issue you’re talking about is a confusion of the case charge vs the earbuds charge. The lights on the case I’m pretty sure show how much charge the case has which is then used to charge the earbuds. The earbuds charge is more likely the percentage seen on the phone.

As for the connection you might want to try to reset the earbuds as directed in the picture below and then try repairing them. I’m pretty sure the right bud is always the primary bud for these earbuds and the left then connects to the right.

If the issue still continues then maybe email support and see if they have any ideas


You are correct.

If you are using them and charging the case the earbuds can be at 40 and there are 3 dots. It could have been at almost zero they were taking out before a full charge is complete.

If they were in the as it and was charging for a few hours, you should have 3 dots and a full battery.

If they are in the case for a few hours and the case was charging. The case has 3 dots and the earbuds are at 40 then you have an issue.

If that happens take them out and after you put them back in and close the case, the 2 outer dots should blink to let you know that they are charging. No dot then it may be an issue with the connections being dirty or lint…or a failed earbud potentially.

Either way you will be asked to do a few things to eliminate.

  1. Update the device,
  2. Restart the connection to the device
  3. I think they will ask to redo the BT connection as well.

So I would do those if you do have an issue and need to contact for more assistance.

It will eliminate emails and such.

I’m pretty sure I pressed the reset button but it could have been not long enough and the case was closed. I would have a YouTube video playing and then all of a sudden the sound would stop playing in the earbuds (pausing the video automatically and then when I pressed play it was coming from my phone and I checked Bluetooth and it said connected). I regularly charge the case with or without the earbuds just to make sure that when I use the earbuds that there is a better chance that they are charged above 75% since I’ll use them for several hours at a time. I know that it’s the right earbud that connects to the Bluetooth but when the left wasn’t connecting when it said earbuds connected I was confused. The light on the left wasn’t always on when I opened the case or when I pulled the left earbud out the light would go off. I know the right earbud connects because the light blinks faster than the left but the left light wasn’t blinking at all

That’s what I was wondering. I charged the case with them in the case because I saw it said I think around 60% so I charged the case until all three dots were solid white and when I went to connect it said 40%

Might be that it charges the case first then the earbuds but if the case has three lights now just putting the earbuds in and closing the case should charge the buds

I pressed down for 10 seconds and only the right earbud flashed 3 times

Possibly a stupid question but are the contacts on the case / earbuds free from dirt / debris / skin oil etc that could be preventing them pulling a full charge from the case?

I’m pretty sure it charges the case first then the earbuds but when I connected and then saw the 40% I was wondering what was going on

Should be. I know a good contact is important to keep them charged

I just tried to take a video and it said I could upload it. Both earbuds flash red three times (finally) but the last several times I pressed the reset button for ten seconds only the right earbud flashed red for three times and the left nothing. When I went to pair the Bluetooth after I had it forget, Soundcore Spirit X2 showed up and then an -L showed up afterwards (attached photo)

like it’s not connecting with the left earbud

Seems like the second earbud isn’t pairing to the first. When you put them both in the case to charge do you have any lights at all on the left earbud?

Look for debris and clean the contacts on buds and case as some of want you describe looks like the left bud isn’t getting the reset signal from the case.

Isopropyl alcohol.

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Sometimes yes and sometimes no (as for recently) the left will light up briefly and then go away and not flash at any speed. It will say connected but only play sound out of the right earbud. I’ll open the case and see a light but when I have pulled out the left earbud it went dark

I’ve checked for debris and I did the reset a few times and only the right earbud flashed red three times and then yesterday after a few attempts the left blinked red three times

I don’t have these buds but have P2, LA2.

The pairing request to L bud is utterly normal and a good sign. Once a reset is succesful take out R bud, pair, it will then offer L bud, pair, done. It is to allow for putting R bud in case and then can keep working just with the L bud.

If you didn’t get L bud pairing before then that’s a sign of an earlier pairing problem and can be a cause of broken firmware upgrade.

You can save video in YouTube and then copy link. It would take a lot of space to keep that here

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