Soundcore Spirit X2 buttons are not working

My Soundcore Spirit X2 buttons are not working, neither the left nor right side, all 4 buttons.
I must play/pause/next/previous from the connected device only. Besides that everything is functioning right, it’s only the buttons and I got no clue why.
Any one who’s been through this? Help.

@lianzagos have you tried completing a reset of the buds using the steps in the video below?

Yes, I did. It doesn’t help. Buttons won’t work however sound is good, controllable from the phone just not with the use of buttons.

If you have troubleshooted by using another device with the same result it’s likely a faulty unit in some way. Reach out to with the issue and any troubleshooting steps taken for assistance or replacement under your warranty (if they determine them to be faulty).

Hope they are still under warranty