Soundcore Spirit X Sports Earphones

I always run with earphones, and have progressed from wired to wireless ones over the years. Although its not normally a problem, if it’s very hot, I find that my ears get sweaty (!) and I’m continually refitting my bluetooth earbuds as the start to slip out of my ears. I find myself pushing the further an further into my ear canal

These Anker earbuds solve the problem … as well as sticking into my ear canal, the fit over my ears too … no more falling out … in fact because they fit over the ear, there’s no need to push them really hard into your ears, so makes the whole wearing of them a more comfortable experience.

The sound quality is excellent … both for spoken word and music

The come with a array of different fittings, so will fit everyone … ( although perhaps not Prince Charles ! )

Also come with a nice carry case to keep them safe in my running bag … I have on occasion snapped earbuds that have become tangled up whilst in my bag.

And with an 18 month guarantee … total peace of mind

Great buy


Nice review @AlanS would be great to see some pictures too :grin:

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I find them very comfortable too with great sound. I was surprised how good the sound was on a call.

Nice review, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing, they are very comfortable. I wear mine every night at work

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Great review :+1:t2:

But … we need pics :yum:

nice review

Do you have any pictures to share with the community?

Thanks for sharing.

I’m always curious about how well earbuds preform in sweaty and wet environments. I use my earbud everything from working out to working outdoors. So they have to stand to sweat and rain. So far my Anker earbuds have handled this channel as well.