Soundcore Spirit X | Review

Today I will be reviewing the Soundore Spirit X Earbuds.

When I first opened these earbuds there are a few things I noticed.

~the wire is too thin
~they are light
~the control pad buttons are individual, rather than a solids strip like high end earbuds

The first thing I did was pair them to my phone to test the quality. They were easy to pair. The sound quality is okay. It’s not amazing, but it’s not bad. I feel like when they play, especially when the music is quieter, that you can almost hear a white noise in the background. I’m not sure if this is an attempt at noise cancellation or not, but I would assume not, since it’s not in the description.

They come in a nice carrying case, which I really like. It has a carabeaner included so you can clip it onto a backpack or a lunchbox

I have not experienced any pain from wearing these at all. They charge easily, and the battery hasn’t died yet :grin:.

I haven’t had a chance to try these out while working outside, but I will be doing so, and providing an update in the next few days.

This pair instantly with my iPhone upon being turned on.

Overall, I would say these are a nice pair of earbuds. For $35 they are totally worth it. There are a few design issues, and the sound quality is only decent, but these are dirt cheap earbuds.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!


Nice review!

I’ve had a set of these for a few months and I use these at the gym, walking/hiking, when wondering around town and just about any time need earbuds instead of my over-the-ears.

For me the sound is perfect and the length of is just the right length. As to the wire being to then, I find many of the competitor brands (premium included) to have a thin wire or just slightly thicker. I’m rough on mine and they are still holding up.

Plus their warranty is long enough for me to have them replaced before I decide to upgrade. (normally use mine for about year before I start looking for new pair)

Good review and pictures. Having carabeaner included is a good addition. I would prefer a pouch style case though because I can fit it in my pocket. Do you think you can clip the case on your jeans and carry without heaving that heavy feeling on the belt loop?

nice review! thanks for sharing… was deciding to buy one of these :wink:

Nice review @Anjou1888. good pictures too.
Excited to have mine, test and post my review here. Can’t wait now.

I almost mentioned that actually :grin:. I think it would be fine to clip them on your belt. As I said, they are pretty light and so is the case, so it would work well.

@MSTR I would recommend them for sure. They’re not the best earbuds I’ve ever used, but definitely the highest value for the money :grin:


I plan to be very rough on my earbuds. That’s why I’m concerned about it. I have a pair of BeatsX and the wire is much thicker, while still being very comfortable.

Only time will tell :grin:

Just so everyone knows, I will be trying to release one review a day for the next 3 days :grin:.

Nice review and pics

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Don’t fret over the cable, I have snagged mine and had them get caught in equipment and yanked away and they are still holding up fine. I actually just passed them down to my son because I have gotten other headphones that have replaced these


That’s good to know. I wasn’t sure about them :grin:. Good to have this assurance :wink::+1:

Video review?

Nah, I don’t do videos. They will be blog style like this one :grin:

Great review! I have the the SoundCore Curve and have been looking at getting me a pair of Spirit X


I highly recommend you pick up a pair. Great value for money!

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Thanks for the review!