SoundCore Spirit X Review

SoundCore Spirit X by Anker
Trying to write something that covers all the things we want to know soon turns into an essay :blush:

For the last few years I’ve been mainly and in ear earbuds kinda guy and will be mostly for commuting and chilling, but a recent increase in exercise has led me to search for some good sporty earphones which will deliver the tunes and keep me moving.

A few years ago I did the Cardiff Half Marathon and I used a set of Ur Beats. Sadly they didn’t make it around the course :frowning: They got all sweaty and flooded I guess.

So there were a few things I need from these new buds.
:white_check_mark:Great Sounds (Don’t we all)
:white_check_mark: Great Battery Life
:white_check_mark: Comfort (No ear ache)
:white_check_mark: Sweat Proof (Breaking down in the middle of a workout)

So I got myself a set of [Anker Sound Core Spirit X Bluetooth Earphones] ( because I’ve had a few products from them and they always deliver high quality tech at affordable prices. These are around £25 and will do the same job as any £130 set.

They come with some standout features like

  1. A submarine-inspired structure and hydrophobic nano-coating for unbeatable protection from sweat
  2. 10mm drivers to deliver big tunes with big bass
  3. 12 hours battery life so you could get at least a weeks workouts from 1 charge. Charge time is only 1.5 hours too :ok_hand:
  4. Soft & Flexible rubber coated ear hooks for comfort. You forget they’re in.

In the box
The Spirit X come with Bluetooth v5.0:
A smart carry case with a hook for your bag or belt.
Lots of different size ear buds and wings to get the perfect fit.
2 cable management pucks.
A clip to catch them on your shirt.
A Micro USB for charging.
User manual, Safety booklet and Happy/Not Happy warranty card. (No mention of the warranty period on the product or Amazon but it is usually 18 months). I would assume the same and Anker have superb customer service so don’t hesitate to contact them with any issues.

I’ve been switching between my Wireless SoundBuds Surge, the SoundCore Spirit X and wired iBeats to see how they stack up.

Sound Quality
I’m no audiophile so as a consumer just want to hear my music loud and clear. The Spirit X are louder than the Surge and as loud as the iBeats

The inline remote on then Surge wins this one. The bigger buttons on the Spirit X makes it a little more difficult to pick the right button at times.

Cable Length
The iBeats are obviously longer being a wired set and the Surge and Spirit X are the same length.

These are all made for different purposes so can’t really compare. You can’t charge your iPhone and user iBeats so a wireless set is definitely the way ahead.
I love my Surge, they are fab but there’s a new kid on the block.
The Spirit X ticks all the boxes.
Long battery life
Great sound
Great for working out
Great for chilling
Great for commuting

Ive been using these for a week. I’ve been running, mountain biking, walking, on the bus and chilling; while listening to music, watching youtube, taking phone calls, chatting to siri. The Spirit X are great for all of these things. I could even hear and talk to my wife while flying down a hill on my mountain bike :thumbsup:

I also paired them up with my Apple Watch and they were equally as loud and proud.

I don’t have a Bluetooth 5.0 compatible device to test the distance out but I could walk around my house and I never lost connection at all. You’ve got to ask yourself too. Where are you gonna go without your phone lol?

Couple of things to consider
They are loud and the kids can hear my music when on loud. No probs at all when you are running around a track or mountain biking up them hills but think about the person next to you on the bus :joy:

The cable management
I’ve only tried the 1 puck option and you end up with a nice bow on the back of your neck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: plus the weight of the inline remote and the flat form factor of the cable meant the cable kept sticking to my sweaty neck and pulling to one side. I’m going to give the 2 puck set up a try and will update. I’m sure with the right config it will be fine.



Amazon being a muppet today :thumbsdown:

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Great review, and nice to see you had issues with the control too…I really really wish the remote was designed differently, it would make using them on the fly so much better. These have also replaced my surge when at work, so I now switch between the Zolo Liberty+ and these, all depends how sweaty my night will be. Glad your enjoying them, great set of headphones imo

A great informative review :+1:t2::clap:t2:

I get that now n again, but 95% are accepted.

In future, I may have to think of an alternative to post a review… Not sure where tho?!?

It allowed me to post on without any issues but :thumbsdown:

I’ve shared my post on Facebook and Insta and put a post on HotUKDeals. I should post more deals on there too. It’s just a timing issue. I usually see the deals in the morning and that’s when I’m busiest with the kids and school and work.

I will try harder lol

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Excellent review and pics @Oggyboy :thumbsup:

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Awesome review. Thank you for the comparisons and the great pics. :slight_smile:

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That’s a great review and pictures @Oggyboy - really tempted to get some bluetooth earphones for my running :thumbsup: :grin:


Noise isolation in and out.

So you said you could hear the outside world well, and it could hear your sound, so does that mean it is not isolating the sound much?

My 3 commonly used are Soundbuds Slim+ ,Soundbuds Life, Bose QC35.

On mine I found it you didn’t get the seal right with the different eartips and earwings then yes you could let out sound and hear outside noise. But, once you figure the right combination for your ears that seal well, you won’t have any of those issues

Sorry @nigelhealy, like @elmo41683 said with the right size earbuds you can get a good seal and I found they blocked out the world very well.

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Found my next toy if I don’t win a set I’m going to pick some up. Thanks for the great review.


Nice review! Thanks for going into detail about the wire management system. I’ve been wondering how it works. I work out a lot and I use while working out on the property. I sweat a lot and the wires stick to my neck on the slims and the slims+ and I was thinking the wire management system might help with that.


I haven’t seen your lovely comments for a long time! How have you been recently?:grin:

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We will hold the testing event in the end of May, hope you are lucky to win a pair!:grin:

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Very detailed review from different aspects!
I didn’t realize that the bigger control button make a trouble for you to pick the right button. I will pass this problem with our product manager. They must know this.:joy:

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The problem with the buttons is that they are flush with one another, in past headphones there was one button that was raised so you knew which one you were pressing. But with the soundcore you have to feel to make sure you press the right one

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Yes, if the middle Button was a bit higher or lower you could feel where you are. Imagine being blind and having to use it because essentially that is what it’s like to use these controls. You can’t see them when using them.