Soundcore Spirit X Review - Holder

Ok, due to an extremely odd failure on Amazons part, I will place my review here and try again next week to post this review. (failure image below really made me laugh)

So I managed to receive a pair of the Spirit X wireless earbuds right before I left on a planned business trip where I spent 4 days in hot and pretty humid weather. I can say that so far these are sweat proof as advertised (believe me, I really put that feature to work). I did not get into any days that had much rain, but did see a small shower midweek.

Initial un-boxing of these was surprising, the shipping box was about 10 times too big for the product and weighed next to nothing. The package was clean and organized, while also wrapped in cellophane to protect almost anything mother nature threw at it. The earbuds were inside a convenient carry case with a handy belt clip. Under that was a was a product manual, as well as an assortment of clips, replacement buds and usb charging cable. I was expecting to wait around 1.5 hours like listed in the manual for first charge, but within 15 minutes the red charging light turned blue and was ready to go. Bluetooth mating with 3 different devices (G4, iPhone and PC dongle) was effortless and smooth.


  • Music was clean, volume controls and connectivity were very solid.
  • Surprisingly there was more bass than I expected from a smaller system.
  • Phone calls were very clear, even to the point where background noise was caught by the other party.
  • Charged very close to 1.5 hours advertised on a simple computer USB port.
  • Auto-Shutoff if not paired after a few minutes.
  • Distance away from phone and still worked close to 30+ feet.


  • While I could find good fitting earbuds, I could not hold the earpiece in place quite right, being able to rotate that earpiece a little or having a little more control over the earloops might have helped this issue.
  • My battery really only lasted me around 10 hours on average. (This is still nothing to sneeze at, but it came in a little short on listed battery time)

I really was pleasantly surprised by how well these worked, even after all the sweat and water. The price point really does seem to be worth it, with the constructing feeling a little less “plastic” than a beats equivalent I used to own. I will be putting them to use much more over the coming months and will try and keep up to date on any major changes. Again, just another great product from Anker.


Thanks for sharing you opinions and your review! :thumbsup:

great review


Good review and pics @Monk3e

As for Amazon, seems to be a recurring issue…more so if it’s not a verified purchase i.e Power User…

Nice review and pictures @Monk3e!
Amazon has really cracked down on all reviews, it seems…

Even if the shortcomings of the product are written in the review, the article still cannot be uploaded on Amazon, which is unreasonable…:joy:


I think that they are a lot harder on reviews when the product wasn’t purchased from Amazon (or provided by Amazon as part of the Vine program). I’ve never had a problem submitting reviews, but I also have purchased almost everything I’ve ever reviewed on Amazon from Amazon. I can only think of one instance in which I bought a product elsewhere and left an Amazon review.

Good news is I did successfully get it loaded this morning, I guess their temporary crackdown missed me that time through haha

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Their is a setting they can turn on which requires verified purchases only, I found that one time when I went to review a set of truck tires I purchased. If it had said that I would have been ok with it, but the message I received was just dumb imo.

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Well done review. Good detail.

Great review! Honest and to the point.

I couldn’t get my SoundCore Flare review up on Amazon either. I edited the text extensively to abide to all their rules, but still got rejected - and bare in mind I purchased a second Flare unit to be able to test the stereo pairing with the one I got from the We Love Testing program, so it was a confirmed purchase on their system. Go figure.

Awesome review. Thank you.

Great review, interesting on the battery up time. I’m on hour 10 and still show at least 2 hours or more on mine.

I generally listen to my spirit x at 60 to 80% unless I’m at the gym or on the tractor. Those are the times I want to remove the outside as much as possible.

I also have to digress about your battery life, I use mine every night at work and there has been some days I worked 12 hours and mine are still working. I listen to mine at 95 to 100 percent volume…I like to drown everyone out while I work and these have lasted many times over the stated time.