Soundcore Spirit X Review, by AJ

My Soundcore Spirit X came in recently, and it has exceeded expectations!

To start off, I like the fairly minimalist packaging that the gear came in.

It comes with

  • The hardshell case is a good addition, as I’ve seen earlier with my Soundbuds Slim+, albeit with an Soundcore logo this time around.
  • Micro-USB charging cable,
  • Spare earbuds, with additional sizes
  • Spare earwings
  • Collar clip
  • Spare cable clip

The connection is quick and easy, as it is with every Anker BT device I’ve owned.

The sound is very crisp, and I couldn’t help but listen to a few of my favorite tracks before getting back to work.

This is my first pair of BT5.0 earphones, and I just had to check the range. I was amazed that I could hear the music without any static upto three condos away from mine. This really won me over!

With the long range and sweatproof rating, you don’t have to take these off when you leave your phone in the gym locker room and head to the shower. What a treat!

The cable itself is very light, and the inline control placement is very pleasant. To top it off, the cable management clip works a treat. I don’t feel like the cable is being pulled in one direction or the other when I turn my head.

Plus, the earhooks ensure these stay in place. These are a very comfortable pair of earphones and are my current go-to for the gym and outdoor walks.

Do feel free to ask questions if you have any.


Good job on the review!

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Nice review :thumbsup:

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Good review :ok_hand:

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Thanks for sharing your review, @aashishjain!

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Thank you all, it’s been a pleasure getting to know these earphones. They are so light!

Great review. I would pick up set of these if I didn’t already have so many headphones.

Well done on the review :slight_smile:

@Jesse_Hernandez1 one can never have too many. Same with speakers, flashlights, and knives

Touche😂 my collections of all those things are daunting and ever-growing.

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