Soundcore Spirit X ran through washing machine

I just ran my spirit X through the washing machine :flushed:. How do you all think they turned out?

  • They work!
  • They don’t work…
  • They work, but not well

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After I get some responses I’ll let you all know how they turned out!

I’ve done that with REAL cheap ones… I’ think you’re fine

I have dont it with mine, i even put them in the dryer and they still work fine. I mean i did use to swim wearing them so I knew they would be fine. It was the dryer that was the true test, as the heat can melt and ruin any electronics

I have not tested these in washer, but am sure they will turn out fine. Had tested them immersed in water for about 15-20 minutes and they were working well… Though washing is completely different from mere immersion.

@tank @Shenoy I put them through the dryer as well :cry:

I take it yours disnt survive? Mine did, although my battery only last 6 hours now, but im ok with that

Actually they work perfectly. (Don’t know about the battery life). These have held up much better than I expected. Definitely not disappointed though!

I have done both washer and salt water test. Also tried them on while swimming. They work perfect…

That’s very good to know. I’ll probably take them for a swim sometime :joy:

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They are quite clean now!
Next could be your ears.
Both cleaned will create an unbelievable sound. :rofl:

Used mine when swimming and a customary run through the wash (as a advanced test :wink:)…completely unfazed :muscle:

To the OP…just don’t run your head through the washing machine…the Spirit X may have survived but your head may not. :anguished:

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Tough heads may stand this useful cleaning.
But dont use spin-drying.:exploding_head:

My thick skull could probably withstand the spin cycle :laughing:

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But the earbuds will fall out of the ears.:rofl:

Not sure if you know this or not (because of the language barrier) but in the US a “thick skull” means that someone is stubborn :wink:.