Soundcore Spirit X or Spirit Pro

Hi guys, I have already owned the Soundcore Spirit X bluetooth and was extremely satisfied with it,but then i gifted it to my brother since he needed one.

There are several things that annoys me a little bit. Despite swapping the standard eartip out for a smaller pair, i still feel uncomfortable after wearing them for an extended period, and the eartip tends to slip out when i work out. For the sound quality, eh, was decent, but i expected the sound to be better, more crystal clear.

After some research, i’ve found out that the retail price of the Spirit X and Spirit Pro where i live is roughly the same ( 40 vs 45 $, not a huge difference to me ). Could somebody that has owned both compare the two and tell me which one to get ?

You may have experienced pain and discomfort due to the little earning that helps hold then in your ear. Have you tried using then without this part?

I personally love how the spirit x sound when you get a good fit and seal, otherwise it will seem mediocre. Some have preferred the pros due to its codec capabilities which is better than the x’s

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Thank you for your reply. I feel slightly discomfort in my ear canal so i dont think that’s the ear wings’s fault. Maybe my ear is sensitive when it comes to earbuds.

Does the Pro variant offer better sound quality with the codec thing ? Would it make any differences when i listen to music on Spotify Free ?

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Dear @Dinh_Kim_B_ng, for the discomfort in your ear canal I can say only: you are not alone. Not for me personally, I do not have such problem, but some friends of mine say something similar like you.

For the sound quality, I think both products are very similar. The Pro has an equalizer option in addition. So with this option, you might adapt the sound to your personal feeling.

And one thing I really do not know: what kind of quality is provided by Spotify free.

Please keep in mind: the music can only sound as good as it is stored , and this can be different on the different sources / providers. It might be that something …free has a little less quality than something you have to pay for, because as always in life: you get what you pay for.

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Spirit X don’t support aptX while Spirit Pro does. Spirit X has 10mm drivers vs 6mm of Spirit Pro.
I guess Spirit X are better suited for workout with earhooks although Spirit Pro is very stable in ear.
I have Spirit Pro and they are amongst my fav.


Anyone have any issue with Spirit X’s dying.
2 have died on me. 1st one last 3 months, 2nd pair lasted 3 days.

I do workout, and sweat. I ensure that the charging port is covered, but thinking maybe the molding isn’t that sweat proof?

Not had any issue personally and I’ve been using mine daily for workouts since wrecking a pair of SoundBud Curves with a dumbbell (don’t ask)…have you reported your issue (1st and 2nd) to

I have not had any issues and I swim with mine, sweatproof and waterproof since I got them when they first came out and no issues.

What has been going in with yours, like what were the problems?