Soundcore Spirit X no longer pairs with Pixel 2XL

Hey there,

I received a pair of Soundcore Spirit X headphones for Xmas which worked great with my Pixel 2XL out of the box. Curious if they would pair with my Macbook Air I gave that a try and that successfully worked.

However, now I am unable to re-pair the headphones with my Pixel 2XL. With the headphones in Pairing Mode, they never show up on my phone. I have tried:

  1. removing the headphones from Bluetooth settings on the Macbook Air
  2. Turning off BLuetooth on the Mackbook Air
  3. Turning the headphones off & on
  4. Turning Bluetooth off and on on the Pixel 2XL
  5. Restarting the Pixel 2XL

Is there a way to reset the headphones to default factory settings?

I really enjoyed these headphoens, so any help would be great!


Press the volume up and down button for 3 to 5 seconds, this will forget all pairings and reset the Headphones