Soundcore Spirit X issues with microphone on MS Teams


When I connect my Soundcore Spirit X to Microsoft Teams on a windows 10 laptop, microphone doesn’t work. I am unable to choose the Spirit X as a mic, as its not showing up in the selectable option. I do see other mics. How can I resolve this?


Try this :

First, the default bluetooth driver of WIN10 should be removed.
Download the current bluetooth driver of your bluetooth card.
You find this driver at the website of the manufacturer of your bluetooth card
Install this instead of the removed one.

That’s a good start but @mailsnc101 if that doesn’t work, email Soundcore at and let them know about this. Had the same issue on my pair too. Had to exchange it but haven’t tried the new one since my mom uses it with her phone only. Also when you email, remind them that this is a recurring issue with others as well. Update us with the info you get :+1:

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I have both… Let me test and get back

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Tested and shows up well, able to talk and hear, able to use the headset (with mic) , make sure to chose the Headset, and not Headphones…

If this does not help… try to update the drivers on windows 10, and also contact soundcore support