Soundcore Spirit X (first look)

I was lucky enough to get sent these brand new Spirit X Wireless Earphones and I’ve just unboxed them to have a quick look before I start testing their capabilities :loud_sound: :grin:

First impressions - Out of the box, lovely packaged and lots of different size bits and bobs to get the right fit and super soft, very flexible ear hooks to hold them in your ears without causing any aches.

They go nice and loud which is great to block out the world but my daughter was tapping me and telling me to turn them down which could mean some sound leakage or I just need to change the ear tips up a few sizes.

I don’t have the SoundBuds Curve to compare them with so will compare with my Soundbuds Surge and some Beats wired ones and see how the do.

Time to get sweaty


They look good :thumbsup: Missed out on testing a set mid week due to busy day at work :cry:

I’m interesting in knowing how well they stay on during a work out or running. My slims+ stay on most of the time. But every once in a while they get caught on my neck or shirt. I think the behind the ear hooks would help secure them.

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Took them out on the bike earlier. Awesome sound, nice and loud. Blocked out all the noise of the wind rushing past your ears and was like; Go away sweat :ok_hand:

At the beginning of the reservoir

At the other end

Spirit X saying “Come on sweat, do your best”

Sound’s good…did they impair other background noise’s such as traffic etc (the things you might need to listen out for :slight_smile:)

Oh yeah. You need to keep your eyes out lol but as I was mostly on bike paths and forestry land I was pretty safe :ok_hand: