Soundcore Spirit X connection issues

Is there a way to reset my headphones pairing history without connecting to a power source?

Why can’t I use my headphones while they charge?

Why do these headphones prioritize a bluetooth connection over another to begin with?

Mainly I want the first question answered, the other two are my way of addressing serious design flaws I did not anticipate. I don’t understand why these headphones have a pairing history that they use to prioritize their bluetooth connection when powering on. It leads to serious issues where I’ll grab my headphones to use with my phone when I go out, while forgetting they were paired to my computer when they were last powered on. So I’ll power them on while out, and they’ll refuse to connect to my phone and instead search for my computer with no way to resolve this issue without first locating a power source.

This is the way Soundcore instructions, go

You can try to reset the Spirit X as below:

  1. Turn the earphones off.
  2. Connect to a power source.
  3. Press and hold the ‘Play’ and ‘+’ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  4. The pairing history will be deleted.

But you may try the reset portion without connecting power source and try (i will try it this week and update this thread)

thats pretty awkward, listening from Spirit X while charging, never tried, and i dont intend to !

Can you elaborate more please…

Delete the pairing record on Spirit X on your Smartphone and your device, then re-pair.

From my experience, the headset pairs to the last known device it had paired… i use only my iPhone 8 , only one device at a time so never faced this. But will give it a try and let you know

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