Soundcore Spirit X and the fun time I have had

Back in 2018 Soundcore had just started and they had a giveaway and I entered it and won a pair of Spirit X and I thought “hey this has bluetooth 5.0 and these must be better than the Anker Soundbuds curve” and boy was I wrong. So here is some context of why I am losing my mind right now, at my high school everyone gets a chromebook it’s not the best but it’s something and I had the amazing idea of using the Spirit X with the chromebook and drum roll it connects but then disconnects and now I have to restart the chromebook to listen to music and it only stays connected for 2 minutes.

I have never been so upset with a Anker product. Also you might say just reset the Spirit X ,turn off bluetooth, or update drivers I did nothing works!!! Finally make it so USB AUDIO WORKS like it would fix everything about these and make me want to actually use them!!!

Alright I’m done

Umm, do the Spirit X work fine or have the same behaviour on another device such as your phone, another laptop etc?

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Which Chromebook do you have, I tried this now with Acer Chromebook, keep connected for over 15 minutes, with music playing.

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They work perfectly fine on my iphone 8 but not on my kindle fire though and imac

I have a dell chromebook 11

On the IMac you need to update the Bluetooth drivers most likely. Chrome book always has these issues. Kindle fire is a cheap tablet- so you should expect issues.

Don’t blame anker. Try a different headset (borrow a friends) and see if you have the same issue.

The very fact that you don’t have the issue with iPhone 8, proves it’s not Anker’s fault. Otherwise it wouldn’t work with any device.

I have Acer Chromebook, connexted Spirit-X over Bluetooth, played music for 20min on YouTube, no issues, rebooted.

Upon reboot, had to manually connect to Spirit-X , played music for another 20 min, no issues.

I don’t think it is an issue with Spirit-X but may be something to do with the Chromebook make/model.

Have you tried any other BT headset with that Chromebook?
Tried contacting Dell support?