Soundcore Spirit x 2 and MacBook Pro M1 Processor

Hi, I’m trying to connect my Soundcore Spirit x 2 headphones to my MacBook Pro with the M1 processor but the laptop isn’t recognising them, they connected fine to my old intel MacBook Pro! Is anyone else having an issue with this and if so is there a fix?

Thanks in advance

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Does the laptop connect to other bt devices?

Try resetting the Soundcore Spirit X2 by holding down the button on the case for 10 seconds while the earbuds are in the case and the case is open. If that doesn’t help, please reach out to


If you swap BT versions then you usually have to turn buds off then on.

Obviously buds only connect to 1 thing at a time so you have to disconnect to then allow to connect, some laptop chipsets will auto reconnect and so thus the poor buds end up being fought over by two laptops so also a good idea to turn off bluetooth of other devices to stop them. Some used to multipoint buds have to remember to do this manually.

Reset also usually helps, in part due to the above point being missed and the buds are kept being reconnected to some other device as you didn’t disable their bluetooth.

That’s done it, brilliant! I never even looked for a reset button, stupid me :woman_facepalming: Anyway, thank you so so much for your help! :smile:


Problem sorted but thank you for your reply.

Problem sorted but thank you for your reply. For the record though, I did wonder if that was the case for me, two laptops fighting! What I forgot to mention was that my old laptop died and I couldn’t get it restarted again so turning anything off on it wasn’t an option unless there was some way to do it via something on the hard drive as fortunately that hadn’t failed so have access using an enclosure! Anyway, thanks.

No worries… the reset option varies from device to device and usually requires a unique button sequence, so don’t feel bad at all. I’m so glad that fixed it!

It’s really dead?
No chance to get into the Bios functions?