Soundcore Spirit Wireless Earphones

Hello everyone! This is my first review on the forum, hope you like it!

This review is on the Soundcore Spirit Wireless Headphones. My first impression when I pulled them out of the box is the build quality. It doesn’t feel like cheap plastic and has a little weight to it

They are even magnetic so that the will connect to each other when not in use. I find it very useful because they don’t bounce around when they are around my neck.

In the box included multiple sizes of earwigs and ear tips. This was very important because usually wireless headphones comes with one size and they never fit comfortably. I feel like Anker really cares about comfort in this case because I have big ears so I am not left out!

There are controls on here for easy access so I do not have to fumble around for my phone to turn the volume up and down. As well as a microphone section to talk on the phone! They though of it all!

After a couple hours of listening to music, I barely feel them in my ears and I have not found the need to charge them. Especially right out of the box! Overall I love all of the features on these Earphones, and although I do not sweat a lot, I feel confident that the sweat that I do have will not put a damper on these. The small velvet carrying pouch was an extra nice touch! Thank you all for reading!


Great review! Do you happen to know how much better the sound quality is in these vs. the soundbuds slim? If not, it’s ok- just curious if they’re worth and upgrade. :confounded:

I have both and find the difference to be very small if any. :slight_smile:


Good job :slight_smile:

very nice review! :muscle:

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Good job on the review @amada.haro :clap: , looking forward to future ones…

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I have the slims, slims+ and the Spirits. I found a big difference between the slim and the spirit but difference isn’t as much on the slim+ and the spirit.

I notice a difference of the sound quality of the music track that makes the difference. Low quality tracks sound ok with the slims and sound a lot better with slim+ spirit.

Oh, ok. So probably not worth the upgrade from the original slim.

I would say if you need to replace them, I would purchase the Spirit over the Slim or Slim+

Unless you’re interested in a version with ear hooks. The Spirit X reportedly produces even better sound than the regular Spirit, and has a 50% longer battery life - all for the same price.

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Great job on popping your forum review cherry