Soundcore Spirit Pro strange background noise

Hi guys, i hear a strange background noise (like you watch a very low quality streaming) in the solo spoken video, while listening music is irrelevant, and the treble note buzz a little, this thing is given because they use bluetooth or because of the quality of the earphones? Thanks for your help.

from what you have described it sounds like a blown speaker. Email tell them any steps you have taken so far the serial number and order number they will be happy to exchange headphones for you.

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But for the background noise of for the buzz treble?

Try using the headphones with a different device and see if you still notice the same thing. Also you can try a fresh unpairing and repairing with your phone to see if that helps

Now i can try with one different device (tomorrow can try with another) and happen the same thing: background noise and treble notes are buzz, maybe i have to try run some burn-in test?

Is it music in your phone or streaming? Iā€™m wondering if it could be the quality of the music or stream. If all else send a message to