Soundcore Spirit Pro shows red

Since today, its red light still on after charging for 1.5 hours.
I disconnected it from charging, and my phone reported its power level was full.
But the problem is, I do not see any blue light anymore. It always show in red even turning it on.
I do not encounter any issue playing music from my phone. The sound quality is still excellent.

Any thought?


Look at the manual maybe? Or just leave it, because it still works fine?

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Seconded :no_mouth:


If there isn’t any info in the manual I call support and ask them about the red light always on. It should of turned back to blue. I don’t have that model but everyone of the earbuds by Anker I own charge in red and are blue when paired and operating.

Try a reset using the vol up and down buttons…press at the same time for around 5-10 seconds. If that fails to resolve, reach out to and they’ll get you sorted :slight_smile:


This would be my recommendation as well. Generally if there is a fault resetting it would help.