SoundCore Spirit Pro [Review]

They actually are a pretty premium pair of headphones!

Great pair of Bluetooth headphones, as always a great high quality product by ANKER at a really low price. This is a SOUNDCORE upgraded version so you can expect a higher quality product with common issues fixed.

They’re super lightweight and comfortable, perfect for your workout sessions. I’ve used them for running and they work perfect, staying in their place throughout the whole workout. If you choose right your ear tip size they won’t fall out at all during your workout. They’re also have a new sweat guard technology to prevent any damage by sweat, so there’s no need to worry if you sweat a lot during your workouts.

The sound obviously isn’t as good as any the high-end headphones ($100+) but they’re pretty close actually… they’re pretty good considering the price. I really enjoyed listening to this headphones while working out, they sound great for this price and work reliably. It’s actually louder that previous SoundCore and Anker versions though.

I’ve used them in various environments and I’m pretty satisfied in all of them, they work great for school/work, working out, casual listening or even watching YouTube or Netflix

The battery life is awesome! It’s even better that many high end competitors! It lasts around 10 hours using them at 70%-80% of volume, and you can re charge them in around 1 hour and a half.

It has a 3 button remote with microphone to receive calls and change song/volume just like your regular iPhone EarPods.
It also has a new dual EQ feature, so you can switch with both preset EQs using the remote.

They’re made out of really high quality materials with premium finish and both earbuds have built in magnets to secure them while not in use.

You’ll get in the box your SoundCore Spirit Pro, multiple EarTips, multiple EarWings, Cord Management Clip, Cord Shirt Clip, a charging cable and a carrying pouch.

I really recommend this headphones, you don’t have to break the bank and invest $100+ to have great quality Bluetooth headphones.


Great job on the informative review! :thumbsup:

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Nice review and pictures :thumbsup:

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Great review, thanks!

One question: Can you activate Google Assistant (or Siri) by using the controls? And can you skip forward/back, adjust volume etc?

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I have these earphones and can confirm that you can do all. Activated Google assist or siri (long press play button), skip forward/back by long pressing volume + and -

Thank you!

Thank you! And yes, as Kumar said, you can control Siri and your music with this headphones

nice review! good job!!


Good review & pictures @armandofdz , thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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Thanks for sharing your review… great job!

Thanks for the time taken to review

Great review with cool pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you all! I’m glad you liked my review. It’s a pleasure to share my experience with Anker products with you.

Hello. How Soundcore Spirit Pro behave in runs? How many runs did you do with them?

Thank you!

Thanks for the review.

They have been great!! I’ve used them for a couple of weeks or so and they have been great! The sound volume is not as high, but it’s still great, it has good sound isolation.

thanks. I’m in doubt between these and the spirit X.

Thanks for the info!