Soundcore Spirit Pro pair to multiple devices

Is it possible to pair the soundcore spirit pros with multiple devices? If it is possible, how do you tell the headphones which source to connect to? turn one of them off? or does it just always connect to phone first? (in my case the 2nd device is a bluetooth transmitter hooked up to tv).

I don’t need them both connected simultaneously. But I don’t want to have to repair everytime I switch from tv to iphone.



You cannot pair Spirit Pro with 2 devices at once. Please check the FAQ #4
I guess they mean 2 devices with one set of earbuds and not the other way :slight_smile:


Yea that’s why it’s not answered in FAQ. Also there seems to be some confusion between pairing and simultaneously connecting.

It’s also always tricky to diagnose bluetooth problems, because it’s so finicky. For instance my taotronics transmitter might be the issue. It’d be nice if anker made a transmitter w/ toslink, but it’s obviously a niche product.

I also saw one page claiming, you can switch sources by holding + and - buttons, i’ll have to try that when I get home.

To get an official answer and clarification I would contact @AnkerSupport via email -

Or you could try their chat support on the Soundcore Website

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