Soundcore Spirit Pro not charging

I’ve been using my new Spirit Pro earphones for a while without any problems but it doesn’t appear to be charging when I tried to put it on today.

Tried several times using the charger with a USB plug and external ports such as my laptop but neither or the charging lights (red/blue) appear

Is there a way of fixing this?

Have you tried more than one charging cable and is the charging port free from dust / lint etc?

If you are still within your warranty period and the above has been tried or fails to resolve, you might be best dropping a email with your issue and troubleshooting steps taken for assistance and/or replacement if they find them to be faulty.

I’ve been using a different charging cable in the car when the main one was left at home in the past so thought that might’ve fixed it but no joy. There’s still battery on the earphones from the previous charge but won’t last long. LEDs aren’t the issue as they still light up red/blue when switched on and off

I recommend getting and trying a new charging cable as micro usb cables tend to get easily damaged

Borrowed a pair of Spirit earphones from someone today and they charge on the same plugs no problem. Definitely looks like the charger port in the Pro is bust

Please send an email to, our customer representative will help you figure it out.