Soundcore Spirit Pro issues - cutting out

Hello, I bought the soundcore spirit pros recently and all has been great up until yesterday when i went out i was getting audio cut outs for a few seconds, and the media would continue then the audio would come back, and this seemed to happen when i got a notification, or opened an app, or sometimes for just no reason it has been getting annoying and i’ve already tried resetting the headphones and making the device forget them, the strange thing is that the earbuds work perfectly when on wifi but once I’m using data they start cutting out. Can anyone help me with this?

I’ve had this issue on my older Android phone. For me I noticed the issue when the Cellphone dropped GPS or switched cell towers. After some research this was an issue for some Android devices. For me it was mostly Spotify that was causing the distortion. Running audio apps like Audible didn’t seem to be an issue.

These issues happened with all Bluetooth audio devices. Mine eventually went away after Spotify updated a few times. Have you tried other using other Bluetooth Audio Devices? Make sure all of your audio apps are up to date.

I would contact @AnkerSupport at or try their chat service on the Soundcore Website. Make sure to give the steps you have already tried, serial number, order number, and date of purchase. These steps will help speed the support process.

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Thanks for the advice i just tried turning off my gps and it works perfect now so i have no clue lol. ive used a pair of bluetooth ear buds before these and they had no issues, i will contact Anker support to see if i can get something worked out without having my GPs always off. Thank you so much though.

Please update this when they give you answer. I would love to know what their answer is and if their is a fix. For me the issue seems to be fixed but every once and a while it comes back.

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