Soundcore Spirit Pro by Anker

I honestly didn’t know if I wanted the Soundcore Spirit Pro because I thought how much different could these be from the Anker SoundBuds Slim+ Wireless Headphones. I realize now how much better I like these!

First off I think the design looks much better as previous Anker earbuds have been just black or colorful, while these are silver Aluminum making them look more expensive. The real reason I like these though is because of the performance of them!

These fit much better in my ears while the slims couldn’t get in the right position to balance correct comfort and sound. These fit more naturally in my ear with the correct size and I can wear these for hours in the car. I’m also impressed with the sound quality on these! They have great bass response in my opinion as you have a bass boost equalizer and they also block out surrounding noise which I find amazing when I want no distracting outside sound. And you’ll have no problems with the aptX Bluetooth connectivity as you’ll get amazing sound and connectivity if your phone supports it!

These earbuds also have a watertight seal design making them great for working out! The buttons also feel more sturdy and sealed compared to the slims. You also have an adjustable mechanism to adjust the band length which the slims didn’t have which I actually really like! Overall I think these are great quality earbuds, but as of right now the price is 50 since they’re brand new so I’m guessing the price will drop in the future. If your willing to spend the 50 now, hey I will definitely recommend these still!

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Good overview & pics @Brandon_R , thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

Short and to the point. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing your experience with them. :slight_smile:

Great review. I love mines and use them daily.

Thanks for sharing your great review! :thumbsup:

Awesome review. I love mine as well. The magnetic attachment feature is great.

The dual eq feature looks cool

Thanks Anker, I’m getting one

I have the Slims, Slims+. and the Spirits and there’s a big difference between the 3. The sound in the spirit is much better than the Slim series. I’m wondering how much better are the spirits pros compared to the Spirit.