Soundcore spirit issue

Anyone ever had an issue with the Soundcore spirit making a constant ticking sound.

So today my earphones decided to have a “moment” after being out for a walk at lunch. When I got back in the office, paused my music, took them outta my ears and connected them together - they started making a loud ticking. Even when they seemingly were powered off “red light” it still kept going. When I tried to turn back on, there was no change and no blue light to indicate that they powered on. I connected it to my power bank and it stopped, I then was able to take off charge and power on.
After this there has been no further issues, just regret not taking a video of it happening.

Anyone else experienced this??

Not related to the Spirit, but I had the same thing happen with the Soundbuds slim. Charging did not fix the issue. I contacted and they sent me a replacement.

I would recommend leaving them on until they completely drain, then charge them fully. Even though they work now, a full discharge cycle is helpful every now and then. :grin: Also, you might want to try different devices if the issue comes back.

Yeah il have to use my liberty lites in the office, don’t wanna be the one using the life’s at my desk lol

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When I was working, I, the old fellow had his own office.
So I was using a speaker instead of buds.

This way I introduced my colleagues to classical music, as the door was often not closed. :joy:

Nice! Out of sheer curiosity, do you have a favorite composer?

Currently, I am enjoying Brahms’ symphonies, but Vivaldi (especially cello concertos) tends to go well with a glass of dry wine and a good book. Goodness, now I sound like Julia Child!

Edit- Sorry, I didn’t realize this was an old post. Sorry for bringing it to the top of the messages!

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Dont mind. :grin:
Talking about music is sometimes better than to discuss the wattage of chargers! :joy:
Brahms is a very interesting composer regarding his life and the deep friendship to the Schumanns.
If you like Beethoven you might give his scholar Ferdinand Ries an ear.
Often called “The little Beethoven” but he is much more than this.
Not so well known, as he is always “standing in the shadow” of the unreachable great maestro.