Soundcore speakers watts specs - where to find?

I’m looking for a new speaker, and preferably Anker. There’s a lot of models to choose from: Icon, Flare, Rave, etc.

They all have their specs listed on their website (battery life, water resistance level, etc) but one thing is lacking from EVERY place I look: watts. I know this is not the most important spec on a speaker, but it does tell information about how loud a speaker can go without distorting the sound. The more watts, the more powerful it can be.

I cannot find the watts of any of the speakers on the website, amazon, or any review I’ve seen. Does anybody know where to find this?


@rtena the best place for all the details would be on

Go to Support - > Documents & Drivers Documents & Drivers - soundcore US

You can find most of the products there including the manual

Example: Flare


No. Just no. I’m sorry, but no

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Not only NO!
More statements PLEASE!
Saying only NO, reminds me of Nikita Khrushchev’s “Njet”.
There was only this “Njet” nothing more.


I think you can be more helpful than that. I’m sure you can do it. Can you elaborate? Can you tell me why do you think I’m wrong? Perhaps some facts? :relaxed:

And please do correct me and tell me how to compare two speakers if I want to know how will they perform (how loud they can go) when used outdoors and with a phone’s bluetooth music as input.

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Of course this comparing can and must be done.
And it has been done often.
I would not compare a icon mini with a ZERO .
Makes no sense

I compared the ZERO with the FLARE.
I must tell you, I never dare to play both with full power here in my house, though neigbours are far away.

I suppose there will be some distorting at full power.
But never forget the quality of the recording and the bit rate of the mp3.

And mostly forgotten totally : an equalizer.
I run the FLARE and the ZERO with different equalizers, because they are tuned differently.

But as usual there are some experts here who think there is NO need to explain.
But these are the REAL experts, don’t forget! :wink:

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AFAIK there is no good way to compare how loud two speakers are. All I can tell you is that watts is not a good measurement of that. Watts also does not tell you how the sound quality is.

If you want to compare two soundcore speakers, I recommend asking on here. I’m sure someone will own both and know :hugs:

you will probably have to look into individual speakers output wattage specs

Everything is documented on Soundcore site … Just need to search product and check the manual

The wattage is mainly a power consumption specification but going by rule of thumb, higher wattage normally means louder volume…for example a 60w Model Zero is gonna be louder than the 12w Flare…however the higher wattage does not guarantee better audio quality or sound distribution around the room…

…plus your source media bit-rate also comes into play as per @Chiquinho

As for wattage specs, your best source is the SoundCore website (manuals) and/or reviews, which more often than not have the tech specs in the opening introductions :wink:


In addition to the wattage, the ohm’s of the speaker and the db rating can give you an idea how loud and how well a speaker will play.


If the documentations of these values are true! Often not.
At last a personal test is needed.
If not satisfied and bought from a serious dealer a return should be always possible.

I agree that wattage shouldn’t be the sole measurement of the speaker’s quality, but if it helps, I have the wattage listed for many of the speakers I’ve tested on this page.

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I never said wattage was the only spec I would look into. But it is a factor into play as one user mentioned, a speaker with an output of 2x20w is goingt o sound louder and with less distortion at higher volumes than a speaker with 1x6w. This is a fact.

Since I want to know what to buy without having to buy all of them and compare them… You are right, I will have to ask here, but nobody can tell me “this is loud enough for you” because each person has different thresholds!

My ability of hearing decreased with age.

But the Flare for instance is loud enough at 40% volume for me.

I use mine around 50% most of the time. Sometimes (mainly around Christmas) I like louder music around 70%.

Thanks to both!