Soundcore soundbars

I saw on the Soundcore website the Infinity and Infinity mini listed but unavailable at Amazon. Only the pro version is available. Is there a second generation coming out or was it a limited production of that it didn’t sell as well?

Also saw this ad at Target

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Yes, soundcore infini pro performace well than the first generation. So we reduce the production of infini and infini mini.

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Might have to consider an upgrade in the near future :grin:

Yeah, we will improve the product quality as always!

As a user of both the Sound Core Infini and Infini Pro with ATMOS tech, I will tell you the Pro is a spectacular home run of a product. It’s up there with BOSE and other pro hardware. The regular infini sounds great, but the pro sounds so much better. I took my infini pro with me to church for my daughters dance practice, and I’m glad I did. The power of the PRO filled up the entire full size gym with loud CLEAR crisp sound. I’m glad we have this sound bar and it is as light as it is because carrying around the computer bag, sound bar, and dance luggage gets a bit arduous. I’m glad Soundcore has a great product that is easily transportable for those crazy occasions such as impromptu dance practices. I’ll get pictures next time as this is going to be a regular thing for this competition season. The other mom that brought music had a tiny crappy boom box. I told her "don’t worry, I got this…

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Where would I be able to find one (not the pro due to space availability)?

Yeah, I agree. The regular infini sounds great, but the pro sounds spectacular!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It really does!

See the side by side of both. The best thing about the ATMOS enabled PRO are all the connectivity options…


I bought the regular infini from amazon in November 2018. The pro came to me in a beta test in February 2019 ish. The pro is in my bedroom and the other is in my kitchen. We use both a lot these days.

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Yes, the Infini Pro is a great soundbar it’s definitely worth the upgrade over the base version. Look at my review here


That’s a plus. I was looking at reviews on the inifini and mini version and the one I have is 30 watt with feet at the end that aren’t helpful. I like the clean look of the pro and am curious as to the sound quality when it comes to music and movies