Soundcore rave neo no sound coming

My speaker establishes bluetooth connection and all the lights are on but the music doesn’t play. On off sounds and other notification sounds also comes from speaker but no music. I tried resetting and lights are also working. Please help me to get this sorted. This happened after firmware update. Thanks in advance

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You could delete the speaker from the bt list of your bt-device.
Then do a connecting again.
Have you tried to connect the speaker to other devices?
And you could do that update again.
If all this will not work you should contact the support.

Thank you for answering and yes I did delete the connection and reconnect through my phone. Also tried with other 2 phones and results is the same. Do you think my speaker is not working? If yes how come the on off sounds and notification sounds come from where?

You said, the problem showed up after the update.
Did you try to install that update again?
If so and the issue still exists you should contact the support

The update done through my mobile phone app. After completed the update it automatically restart the speaker. After that it worked 3 to 5min and stopped working. I have also deleted the app on my phone and did try but same results. Only thing I want to know if my speakers are not working how does the on off sound and all the other sounds come from except the sound from phone.

That’s really a question for the support.
You have done all you could do.

Yes also I just found out that while my phone connected to speaker when I get the phone call my ringing music also play through speaker.

Really, that’s more than strange.
You could check the connection of the speaker on your phone.
“speaker” or “hands free module” or someting like that.

The Flare mini shows up as “hands free module” (LINUX) here.

I have connected my phone through AUX cable and wow it’s working fine. But when connect through bluetooth no sound coming. It connect perfectly with the connection sound but after that no sound. I have tried with 2 more phones and the same results. I think something wrong with bluetooth side. Or speaker program side. Do you know anything about that?
Please note again that it perfectly paired with any device. I have paired with 4 mobile phones. Please help. Support team still not responding. I have a party tonight. That is why

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Sorry no.
Seems you have checked all possibilities.
There went definitely really something wrong with that update.
Ask the support as I suggested.
It will take a while to get answer from the support.
If the aux-connection works, there should be music for your party.
Enjoy it!

Same issue here, getting frustrated.
Any solution yet?
Can I trust that the next update will fix it?

Sorry mate. I contacted them and only solution they offer me is 15% discount for my next perchased. They don’t even know how to fix it. Anyway you give a shot with them and any success let me know

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i have the same issue. when i turn on the rave neo i can hear the sound of ON and after that there was a no any sound. seems like software crash. really Disappointing regarding this. And also light illuminating is not working properly.

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I have the exact sameissue. Rave Neo SE. just purchased from Costco. Firmware loaded is ver 01.44 out of the box.
Obviously there is a bug in this firmware. Should be an easy fix.
Looks like a lot of returns are going to happen with this if they don’t sort this out

Make sure you email support -

Same issue is with my speaker and my friend’s one too…
We both bought few months apart, and this issue came after the FIRMWARE UPDATE which came at last around August or September of 2021

Yes, for me also only the AUX cable option is the reliable one.
I think this is an issue on the software side, after the firmware update

But I’ve managed to find few tricks,
The Bluetooth connection is totally fine, I can use all the controllers from the Soundcore app ( control volune, change lights, everything) but sound doesn’t come.

But if you press the VOLUME UP + BLUETOOTH button the speaker factory resets, at that time clear your phones bluetooth connection history or connection of the speaker, clean it out or un pair it, ( just disconnecting wont do anything)
Then when speaker turns on after the reset, if the light of the speaker is in ONE COLOUR that means even you connect again sounds wont come.

Sometimes after the rest the speaker light goes on this default rainbow color wave thing, only if that happens sound comes.

That happens only if the battery level of the speaker is low, like down to one indicator
(This also happens sometimes)

Sometimes, even if the light is in one colour, when you connect the phone, AND AGAIN DISCONNECT THROUGHT BY PRESSING BLUETOOTH BUTTON OF THE SPEAKER, reset the phone bluetooth pairing, and connect again WITHOUT resetting the speaker WILL WORK RARELY. OR ELSE YOU HAVE TO REPEAT THIS FEW TIMES.



i know thats not convenient, but thats the only way.

if anyone have found a solution please HELP US

Read the long comments, that will be a slight relief for you

Thanks bro. We will try and let you know.

Bro, I found a solution, its been working fine for few days now.

So when you turn on the speaker, even your phone is connected or not, just PRESS THE PLAY PAUSE (soundcore icon) BUTTON AND THE BLUTOOTH BUTTON FOR AROUND 2 SECONDS, then it will reset the Bluetooth connection and phone might connect automatically, then sound would come.

This worked for few days now, but this had to be done every time I turn the speaker. Because sound wont come until I do that everytime I turn on the speaker.

Try and reply,
Lets help all the ones with this issue…