Soundcore Q35 hits FCC

Seems to be 3 identical products, A3027 A3030 differ cosmetically.


Cool thanks for sharing.

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So there are these Q35 coming soon, if at FCC phase then getting ready to be able to be sold, and around the same time there has been the new buds

My guess is these are the Q30 “pro” version and the A3930 are Liberty 2 Pro successors as they are getting long in the tooth. The buds were tested last summer, implicit is needed a lot of tweaks and tuning in software, from the interview on the LA2P seems ANC takes a lot of tweaking.

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Most interesting link, I’ve never checked out fcc before.

If these come to be, sooner than later, are you considering trading in your triplicate q30s for the 35s?

Too early to say there was a review but it was just of Q35 no side by side with Q30. Have to wait for reviews. Then wait for firmware updates, then wait for the revision which fixes the hardware fault, then wait for the discount. If by then they figured they can’t fix it, then another product out.

Sit on money and wait is always best.

All FCC tells you is it is coming in next weeks, it’s just a heads-up, not particularly useful information. If someone were to buy the Q30 now and then the Q35 came out > 30 days free return window, you’d get buyer’s regret posts “I just bought…” so why I post the impending products coming, without breaking any confidentiality agreements.

The name being one character from a famous competitor’s product name… I wonder if they’ll be forced to rename / redact…



More info photos etc Soundcore released seeking to win a design award.

Not sure why someone needs “a frequency response spanning 16Hz - 40kHz”


Thats so it delivers sound with a silk-like dynamic response!
Those common or garden 20-20 delivers sound like hessian! :smirk:

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releasing newer / better feature model (Q35) after a recent model release (Life Q30)… this kind of disheartens owner who bought Q30… provided an option, Q35 would be an option over Q30 …


I get your point @Shenoy
Maybe this is to compliment the range rather than a replacement as such? :thinking:

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I bought the Q30. I knew there would be something else months later, that’s technology! Just like Q30 after Q20, Q20 after Q10, etc.

I just hope the beta units in hands of good thoughtful reviewers who, for example, can do a Q30 vs Q35 comparison.

Then there’s price TBA.

At least it is a different product name, Q35. Greater issue is for example the Motion+ has a hardware v2 coming soon also, it has different DAC but identical product code some people will get V2, others V1 and not particularly knew they had.

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Full details on Amazon, photos specs etc

The cups look beefier?

My Q30 for comparison

The FCC listing shows photos giving a similar impression the cups are changed quite a bit

Model seen wearing a pair?


Ooooo they really do look nice! They look pretty comfortable and honestly similar to some Sony earcups
I hope we get some good testing from those selected and my fingers are crossed it’s some regulars on the community


The question is if they changed their support and SKU business model to move into the $130 range.

Are those cups user swappable and what’s the SKU of the replacement part
That’s tongue in cheek as I don’t think they’ve even thought about it.

My oldest over ear are Bose QC30, the original, the first part to wear were the cups, the fitted once are easily user replaceable and spares exist. My next older are Sony, the sag is definitely there in their cups but not quite sufficient to try to swap. These Q35, they’ve increased the specs, but have they increased the support? It goes to what the threads will be in a year’s time.


True swapable earcups are always nice and if they aren’t made of a good material I’ve had some flake on me in the past and become uncomfortable with no way of fixing them. But this will be a future problem when people start to get the wear in on them unlike the software problems the forum will most likely be bombarded with first

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They’re doing it somewhat backwards, the 20 “testers” really are intended to promote a fixed product, at best the constructive future feedback will influence the “Q40” in October being designed now.

The better cups should in theory improve ANC and ambient, as less sound gets in the less to cancel and less sound gets out the higher you crank up ambient.



I know the app isn’t there yet (soon) but I can hear screams of annoyance if they don’t include HeardID in a $130 product. That’s a feature of the app and tweaks the EQ so could be why not mentioned yet as waiting on the app to confirm it works. But if they don’t do it… screams of why not will come swiftly.


Oof nice find! I can’t wait to test the earcups. Wonder how much more comfortable they are compared to Life 2

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I own the Q30.

I’d expect a Q30 owner would find them less comfortable as the tighter padding will clamp more, more sweaty. I have Sony over-ear with padding like these and they cause more sweat which leads to rash.

Someone coming from a different product will probably find them excellent.

The main benefit will take months to become apparent. All over-ear headphones suffer from the padding sagging. These thicker ones will take longer to sag, so, just from the photos, I think these will be long term comfier after short term sweatier discomfort. i.e. the padding needs time to pad in.

I’m already thinking of the Q40, the Q35 being an increment on the Q30.

As a Q30 owner I can see the design flaw they not corrected, that part where the padding ends at top of the head, as the padding gives at top of the head, the plastic next to begins to dig in.

This part:


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What exactly is the difference between the Q30 and Q35 clamps? I just thought they were identical but I’m clearly wrong

So I have hands-on Q30 experience, but not Q35 hands-on, so I’m comparing my own Q30 with the photos of Q35. So caveat my words in that context.

The Q35 appears identical physical construction in plastic and metal. The only difference are the cups are beefier.

The Q30 cups are comfy already, so you’d not feel Q35 any comfier. The Q30 cups just sag (like they all do) and eventually that mesh which keeps the speaker off your ear, eventually touches your ear and the discomfort on the ear then begins. The Q35 cups being beefier, will get to that point later.

The Q30 tear-down showed they were not user replaceable cups. I am suspecting the Q35 will be the same problem, just purely on the way the plastic parts all look identical Q30/Q35.

The flaw is obvious once owned, the Q35 will suffer the same of the Q30


It’s forgiveable at $80 headphones, but less so for $130 headphones.

Sony who have made headphones longer know this, I’ll send photos on that part of the headband difference tomorrow.

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