Soundcore Q30 NFC Pairing

I just got a pair of Q30’s from Amazon. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone. My wife has a Galaxy S9+. I have to be doing something wrong. I can’t get NFC pairing to work. Nothing happens at all when I tap the right cup.

I turn on NFC on the phone, and it’s supposed to pair if you tap the right cup. Any idea? There really isn’t anything else in the manual or the quick start guide.

Hi @Sheila3

If you have tried moving your phone around the entire right cup and are not getting a connection I would think its either a compatibility issue or a fault, I take it NFC works on your phone for other devices?

I would suggest sending an email to with your issue to see if they are aware of any compatibility issues with certain phone models.

I similarly could not get NFC pairing to work, Q30 and OnePlus. After moving all over both sides, gave up and just paired in Bluetooth settings.

Thanks, I just thought there might be something I’m doing wrong, some button I need to press on the headphones or something. I was easily able to pair them in the traditional way with my phones and laptops.

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After messing with it for a long time, I was finally able to get one of my phones to pair using NFC. Way too big of a hassle. It’s much easier to use the regular way.