Soundcore Q30: How do I switch them off, while using AUX cable?

Hi there,

I often use my Q30 headphones at home to transcribe recordings or listen to other stuff, where I don’t need a good sound quality or ANC. To avoid charging them all the time, I use the AUX cable instead of Bluetooth. I would love to switch the headphones off completely, but they are always on automatically and I don’t know how to switch them off manually. Holding the power button for a longer time doesn’t work. Is there any chance to fully switch them off while listening via AUX cable?

And yes, I know I can let the headphones discharge themsevelves, but I always want to have a some power left in case I want to use ANC or Bluetooth.

What happens if the headphones are off, you plug in the AUX and listen to something? They work and stay off and so as you wanted?

Better place for Soundcore specific is here:

@Tobi7 If you are unable to fully power off the headset when used on BT mode by pressing the power button you would be best reaching out to for further assistance

ISTR the power button stops working when cabled.

So begin off, cable, stay off.

Or begin on, cable, stay on.

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