Soundcore Q20 - static when connecting via Bluetooth to webinars

When I use the headphones to watch live webinars or do Zoom calls I get static. What can I do to fix this or should I return?

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Use the headphones for listening, and the computer mic (assuming laptop) for speaking.

You should be able to set up a custom setup, and if so the headphones should be set to stereo and not hands free.

Seemingly, these may have driver issues, and the above may help.

I do this with my Q35s and teams.

Other option would be to buy an inline mic and plug into the aux port on the headphones and USB on the computer. Note I have not tried, as I do the mod noted above.

Best of luck, keep us posted.

Most threads on similar issues has the issue as their Bluetooth driver. Update the Bluetooth driver and it may resolve it. There was ome person that stated that had to update it with a generic Bluetooth driver indigocard.

I would start there as a starting solution.