Soundcore Q20 Life sound skips + can't play/pause Spotify

So I recently got my Soundcore Q20 Life, and so far my experience isn’t very good, despite all the great reviews.

First of all the play/pause button doesn’t really work. Or well, it works, but not as intended, as I can use it to access Siri, but 90% of the times it won’t play/pause my music playing from Spotify app.
I’ve tried using the headphones on my Macbook Pro, where I experience similar issues. The button however once again works fine with YouTube for instance.

Other than that, when they are connected to my Macbook Pro, the sound lags/skips for a few seconds multiple times when playing music, once again from the Spotify app, which is really distracting.

Have I been very unfortunate, and got a defective pair, or is this ordinary issues with these headphones?
Overall it’s very disappointing.

My play/pause seems to be working (I do have Siri turned off though).

I’ve got the same occasional skipping problem with Spotify on my P3 headphones.