Soundcore Q10 or Q20

Hi Guys, looking at purchasing some new headphones, just looking for some feedback from anyone who owns one or both of the above models,

Anker seems to have built two very good models of headphone neither of which is perfect I just wandered what peoples thoughts are on them. From what i can see i like the Q10 for its quick charge (5 hours use from 5 mins charge!) and USB C charge port (one less cable to carry as phone and laptop both use USB C) but the Q20 seems to have much better noise cancelling (and one would assume being a newer model Due to the name) but it charges via Micro USB has 10 hour less battery life and doesn’t have quick charge

Are the Q10’s loud enough to block out background noise from a train or the London underground …( my AirPods - a Christmas present from a few years ago - aren’t)

If it was your money which model would you go for?

Thanks in advance !


Q20 has ANC. Q10 does not. The difference is night and day.

It’s also worth noting that Life Q10 cannot be charged via a USB-C to USB-C cable. It must be USB-A to USB-C.

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I agree with @Insider: if you really want to block out train noise, you’ll want the active noise cancellation feature of the Q20s.

Here’s a side-by-side look at the specs if it helps:,6198

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I have both, and the q20s are much better for a noisy environment. ANC makes a noticeable difference, I haven’t tried it on trains but great in most environments with low frequency noise especially. I also find them more comfortable, the padding is a little softer and more firm fitting, with the occasional downside that your ears get warmer with the closer fit. And I prefer the black look to the red / black for walking around.

I like that the Q10 has USB-C charging, and battery life may be better. But the q20s still last a long time in my usual uses, I use them an hour or two a day and haven’t charged in weeks. So charging doesn’t feel as important as I thought it would.

Both are nice headphones. I don’t see a big sound difference in a quiet environment. I like that they both have aux ports as a backup to connect to non Bluetooth devices. But I would pick the q20s for your train based commute.

You forgot about the Soundcore Space NC. They are also from Soundcore and they have NC. So you may want to check those out too. They also have earbuds that are the life nc.

I don’t understand this comment. I have a USB-C to USB-C cable, and just tried charging the Q10s off of a USB-C wall charger and off of the USB-C port on my laptop. Both work fine. Is there something else it isn’t doing that I am not aware of?

ahhh… This makes me go to Q20 than Q10… Will see how Q10 works once I get it.

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Thanks guys sounds like Q20 is the way to go then

Does the USB-C wall charger you used support Power Delivery?

Go with Q20

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I’ve heard from a reliable source that the q10 have far superior sound

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Yaaaay :+1::star_struck: I like it

I ride a bus everyday and the Q20 work perfectly to cancel out a diesel engine

Which source?

A guy I know on twitter. He makes videos on YouTube, and live-streams on amazon.


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No, it is qc3 but not PD. I don’t know if I even have any PD chargers around. But PD shouldn’t hurt anything, everything should fail down to the lowest common denominator.

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Well, mine doesn’t charge via PD.