Soundcore Q10 headset with windows problem

I am using soundcore q10 . It works with android perfectly. When I connect to windows, two options are shown-headphones and headset. On selecting headphones, I am able to hear properly. But on selecting headset, I am not able to hear anything and the mic is also not working. I have reset the headset, forget all other devices, updated windows, Bluetooth drivers. I want to use the mic when the q10 is connected to windows. Can you guys help me out?

There’s plenty of Windows 10 threads, read them first.


As @professor mentioned all those issues have been discussed and often solved.

Using the “search function” ( magnifier ) in the upper right corner
should always be the very first step.

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Based on what you said, you stated you turned on headset and turned on headphones. Are they both on? If so try to leave on headset and turn off headphones.


I do not have these but been plenty of issues but think that was one of the issue as well.

Plus there may be more threads on it on the soundcore community than here.