SoundCore Pro+

Anker’s upgraded SoundCore Pro+ is now available to order on Amazon. It’s even cheaper than the regular SoundCore Pro, coming in at $90 instead of $100.

The exact differences between this version and the prevoius model are unclear, and perhaps @AnkerOfficial can provide some clarification, but the title seems to suggest enhanced bass. It also seems to have the same overall design.

This is really the third edition of SoundCore Pro, as they already came out with a revised version just a couple months ago.

Are you interested in this new SoundCore Pro+? Do you already have a SoundCore Pro? Let us all know your thoughts and experiences!

I’ll be sure to reply to this post whenever I spot a deal on this new speaker.


I have the boost and love it. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of these to hook up to my computer or hooking it up to one my TVs so I don’t have to buy another sound bar. These make pretty good sound for a small package.

Had the first ever issues with my Boost yesterday. Kept cutting out even when my phone was well within range…

Looks nice! Probably sounds amazing as well

Maybe it has the same feature(s) that the SoundBuds Slim + version has over the regular SoundBuds Slim…the one feature that pops into my head is the aptX High Resolution HD Sound. How effective this will actually be (if it’s the case) is questionable since some users (according to reviews I’ve read) can tell no difference, even with the earbuds. Speakers playing in an open-air, ambient environment would likely be pretty difficult to notice any difference.


Didn’t even think of that! Thanks for bringing it up.

How does this compare with the 100 sound link from Bose?

That’s a good question. If you end up getting both, please feel free to share the results of your comparison with the Community!

Someone did a comparison awhile back on here, but can’t remember who did it.

Looks like it will be a blast! Lol I am interested, but is it worth the price tag?

SoundCore Pro+ down to $66 (26% discount)

Amazon link

Hope they get it right with this version, I’ve got two SoundCore Pro version 1 (review samples), but both stopped working :frowning: hoping it’s Amazon DOT compatible too! The first version sounded fantastic when they worked though :smile:


That’s the benefit of using review samples and getting feedback, it allow them to make revisions and correct issues of past problems. So I agree it would be great to see which revision and how well it works


The new version of Pro fixes some previous problems and improves sound quality. So it will bring you a better user experience.:grin:


Are you guys gunna release one to the Canadian testers? I haven’t seen any items go up on the power user program for months o.O

Hope there will be a need of a PU to test it
when it is available at

I own a BOSE, an ANKER 3143 and a VTIN ROYALER.

I wrote a review comparing that ANKER 3143
and this VTIN ROYALER some time ago at

So there are some bt speakers to compare with. :wink:

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@IRNinjaz1, @fhassm

For PU question you guys can send an email to Rosa, she is responsible for this project.

At the end of March, there will be a exclusive community event on testing new product. You guys can keep an eye out for it. :grin: