Soundcore Pro + VS Soundcore Flare +

Hello People,

I want to procure my first portable speaker and i am stuck in choosing one out of these two.

Can someone tell me the difference between both?

Which do i go fore

Do you plan on using the speaker soley at home? Or do you orefer to be able to take it with you in the go? If its on the go, then the flare plus would be the speaker of choice…although even the regular flare wins this battle as they offer total 360 degree sound, have decent bass and can get loud. Not to mention you can pair more than one together


I intend to use it at home. I spend most of my time in the manufacturing plant and thus can’t be caring a speaker about

If your at home then go ahead and get the pro plus

Get Flare+ or Motion+, not Pro+!


At home I would recommend the MOTION +
Though it is more expensive it is really a punch of loudness.
For outdoor I would recommend the FLARE.
I own the normal one (no “+” no “mini”)

But the best solution would be : buy both.
You will not be disappointed.
Take a look at the many reviews written here and decide.

Going for pure portability without major sacrifices of loudness etc I would be going for the Flare…home based use with occasional portability the Motion+…purely home based use the Zero…

Why Please?

what makes it better

Bluetooth 5 (versus 4.2), USB-C input (vs micro-USB), Soundcore app support (customizable equalizer), wider frequency range, IPX7 water resistance (versus IPX4), wireless stereo pairing, Qualcomm aptX, Hi-Res Audio, 30W output (vs 25W) - although wattage doesn’t mean much, etc… The list goes on and on.