Soundcore Pro vs Soundcore Boost?

Hi i’m trying to but a good speaker which is pretty loud and has a very good base as well. According to my budget, I narrowed it down to Anker’s Soundcore Boost and Soundcore Pro. I would like to know which one in better. TIA


  • Soundcore Boost
  • Soundcore Pro

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The Pro is a little louder while the Boost allows you to disable the bass enhancement feature as needed. I have the Boost myself and I’m very happy with it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the Pro to compare it to, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either way.

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I add a voting function in your thread, so you can get a better idea of what other people think.:grin:

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Both are great speakers, its a close call as to which is better, you can read my reviews here…

You will be happy whichever you choose :slight_smile: I think the Pro has the edge on the clarity of higher frequencies - both have amazing bass, with the Boost able to disable the BassUp.


SoundCore Pro currently on deal at UK Amazon £71-99p until 10:35am Wed 21st Dec.

Only heard the Boost in person (to date) and was blown away by the power and clarity in both bass and non-bass mode. Depending on where your planning on using, the Boost will probably tick all your boxes and save you a penny or two (£37.99 in the UK) :smile: for the sake of an additional 5w of speaker output.

If you really, really need the extra 5w of sound power to fill a very (very) large room and don’t mind the thrid extra cost, go for the Pro…

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couldn’t wait to get my soundcore pro!


I prefer the Aesthetics on the soundcore boost and like the fact that I can turn the bassup on and off.

Here’s a complete specification rundown:

and a sound test between the SoundCore 2, SoundCore Boost, and SoundCore Pro: