SoundCore Pro: Volume Levels


when using the SoundCore Pro via Bluetooth with my iPhone or iPad the volume differs a lot between 2 adjacent levels, f. e. volume at level 3 is a bit too quiet but level 4 is much louder than 3. Actually i’d like to have the option for adapting levels a bit more granular or let’s say make the volume difference between 2 levels closer. Any chance to do so?

Thx in advance for your help.

Are you using the slider or SoundCore button’s for volume changing? Most BT products used fixed percentages for volume increase / decrease when using the buttons (like 5 or 10% gain between levels or button presses)…but that shouldn’t stop more freedom when using the volume slider on your iOS device…I do this quite often :slight_smile:

Hi there,
thx for your response!
I used both but any volume level change was synched to the other device instantly, f. e. pressing volume button + once at the SoundCore Pro also changes volume level at the iPhone or iPad one (progress) step as well.
I can’t see a way to adapt volume more granular, let’s say pressing volume level button at the SoundCore Pro twice would raise volume at the iPhone with only one step.

I have the same issue with my Soundcore Motion+, but only when controlling the volume via:
(1) The volume control buttons on the Soundcore
(2) My Andriod phone (Independent of the app I use to play music).

I have a much more granular control from my Windows 10 laptop.
The granularity from my laptop is +/- 2, instead of +/- 6 (or bigger, it seems progressive with the volume level) for (1) and (2).

So, the device is capable of a much more granular control.
Unfortunately not from (1) or (2).
Hopefully this can be fixed (Souncore engineers?), because it is quite annoying on a for the rest very nice bluetooth speaker.