Soundcore Pro stopped working after one week


I got my Soundcore Pro only a week ago. On the first day it worked perfectly. Now one week later, it turns on, it pairs with my two BT units, play and pause works but there’s no sound. I have tried the volume, but still no sound. It did not make any power on sound as it did when I first got it. Tested with an AUX doesn’t give any sound either. Any ideas or did I just waste $80 on a paperweight ???

Hi. Is it only paired to one device or multiple devices? Also try deleting/forget device and then pair it again to see if that fixes the problem. If not, contact . Just a heads up, it’s Chinese New Year so they may take a bit longer to respond. Anker stands by their products so I’m sure you and Anker will have it all sorted out in no time. :slight_smile:

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I have now received the refund.

Your customer service has been very good and responsive through this process.



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