SoundCore Pro Review

Hi everyone, here is the review of the beautiful and powerful Anker SoundCore Pro.

I would like to point out that the original review is in Italian and you can find it here: Speaker spettacolare. Potenza e qualità sonora incredibile. Rapporto qualità prezzo eccellente.

The review here is an abbreviated english version and translated with google translate so get angry with it (not with me :joy:) for any grammatical mistakes :innocent:

:package: PACKAGE :package:
The product comes in a rather large and really hard hardboard box, qualitatively almost like the ones in the iPhone, with the following dimensions 23.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 8 cm and a weight of 1051 grams . The packaging is sealed with transparent cellophane. On the back of the package are the technical specifications that I will later list in the “comments” section. On the sides of the box, however, there are pictures of the speaker, model, and warranty information with their respective phone contacts and customer service emails.

:mag_right: WHAT’S INSIDE :mag:
Inside the box we find: the Anker SoundCore Pro Bluetooth Speaker, an Anker Micro USB Charging Cable. You feel the lack of a 3.5mm jack cable … it’s certainly very common and it’s hard not to have it at home, but it would certainly be convenient for a product at this price. In addition to the speaker - wrapped in a thin white cellophane and embedded in a semi-soft rubber foam to prevent it from moving and to protect it from shocks - and to the charging cable - located in a black hard-box carton placed parallel to the top of the box - we find a very, very concise, multilingual instruction manual (including Italian), and finally the classic note that I personally appreciate, “happy” or “not happy” about Anker, which contains the procedure to be followed if one is dissatisfied with the purchase or has received a defective product. This note is a testament to Anker’s commitment and care to his customers, with an extraordinary after sales service that I personally experienced many times in the past.

:clipboard: OBSERVATIONS :clipboard:
The Anker 2017 range top speaker (no coincidence was named “Pro”) is undoubtedly made of excellent design and finishes are exceptional. This Anker SoundCore Pro Bluetooth Speaker is really a big step ahead of its predecessors. In fact, this speaker is the top-of-the-range model of the Anker family and for this reason, alas, it is also the biggest and heavy (the beauty of 764 grams - see photos - really a not-indispensable weight) for the choice of materials: rubberized finish at the top and bottom, metal across the central edge with a micro holes gray. It is worth considering, however, that there is an 8mila mAh battery inside the speaker that I compared to that of my 10,000 PowerCore brand Anker, which alone has a weight of 178 grams … so the total weight of the speaker is partially justified by the large capacity of the battery inserted inside it. Another very important feature is the IPX4 certification that guarantees water resistance. The speaker has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, very fast but there is still a noticeable delay between the interface of the speaker and the phone (especially when you pause a song). In addition to Bluetooth there is NFC connectivity that unfortunately I can not try. Below the back there are several outputs: a Micro USB, a 3.5mm AUX input jack, a USB output whose function will be further discussed later in this section (see photo). We start from the rubberized closure of these outlets: it will surely perform well on its duty to protect against moisture and splashes, but it gives me the feeling of partial closure as it does not seem to fit in the bottom of the body at the bottom (see photos in detail). The micro USB jack is used to charge the 8mila mAh battery with a 5V 2A wall jack not included in the box. The battery life declared by Anker is 18 hours with a single charge. I do not write battery life on reproduction or recharging headed by me as it is indicative why it depends on the volume and type of song you are listening to or from the charger you are using. In addition to the micro USB jack, there is a 3.5mm jack input so you can use the speaker even with devices that do not have Bluetooth or NFC connectivity, very useful if you want to connect to a computer, TV, or radio . Finally, we find a USB socket on the back. This, as I have seen in several reviews, was confusing for a input input, that is, an input that allows us to listen to songs saved on a USB stick. Instead this output is a current output, in fact this speaker can be used as a PowerBank to reload our devices with a maximum current delivered by 5V 2A with proprietary rapid charging technology Anker “Power IQ” which intelligently identifies the connected device and optimizes its charging rate by providing it as fast and safe as possible. It is to be said, though, that PowerBank does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. With the same amperage and voltage, then 5V and 2A, we can charge the speaker battery.
I can say that this information on amperage and input and output voltage are not written on the instruction book, but at the bottom of the speaker (see photo). At the top of the Anker SoundCore Pro’s Bluetooth Speaker, there are 5 keys: the power-on (to turn on and off hold down for more than two seconds until you hear the music note), the volume to lower pause, the one to raise the volume and finally the Bluetooth Pairing button. Unlike other speakers I have bought in the past this Anker case does not have an “internal volume”, in fact if you raise the volume of the case it will be automatically raised from the phone; so the maximum cell volume corresponds to the maximum volume of the case and vice versa. This is a feature that I personally appreciated very much because it is more convenient, immediate and avoids unnecessary and confusing dispersion of commands. Instead, a feature that is unnecessary to me and the long even annoying is the sound that emits the speaker every time I switch on, shut down or reach the maximum or minimum volume or every time it connects with a device via Bluetooth; sounds that I could not disable or reduce the volume. The last feature, before switching to the driver part, is the battery indicator always present on the top of the case: 4 fixed lights indicate 75% to 100% charge, 3 fixed lights indicate a charge between the 50% and 75%, 2 fixed lights indicate a charge between 25% and 50%, 1 fixed light indicates a charge between 5% and 25%, 1 flashing light indicates a residual charge of less than 5 %. While charging the light at the recharged capacity until this time, when the speaker is fully charged, all four lights are switched off.
Now we finally pass the driver part. Compared to the other two models of 2017, the SoundCore 2 and SoundCore Boost, there are two full-range speakers and 2 tweeters for a total of 25W that allow this fantastic speaker to offer superior sound quality in this SoundCore Pro. I’ve talked about sound quality and not volume power since in spite of this SoundCore Pro having 5W more, the perceived volume is almost the same as SoundCore Boost … both very tall! Even the SoundCore Pro, like its minor Boost cousin (but in which you have to press a special button) has the “BassUP” patented technology by default (it activates automatically), which allows you to increase the bass (you feel it yourself) with a distortion almost, and I almost repeat, absent. Basses that are satisfactory considering the size of these speakers, but absolutely not comparable to those of a fixed stereo system. This Speaker SoundCore Pro, positioned in a mid-high band, therefore has a clean sound and a higher balance of the upper, middle and lower than the other two Anker 2017 speakers.
I briefly summarize and summarize the most important features of the three Anker 2017 Speakers.

  1. SoundCore 2: 165x54x45mm - 358 g - 12W - 24h (d.d.) - Bluetooth 4.2 20m - IPX5 - Microphone - AUX.
  2. SoundCore Boost: 193x62x65mm - 585g - 20w - 12h (5200 mAh) - Bluetooth 4.2 20m - IPX5 - NFC - BassUP - Microphone - AUX - USB (PowerBank).
  3. SoundCore Pro: 197x70x66 cm - 1100 g - 25W - 18h (8000mAh) - Bluetooth 4.2 20m - IPX4 - NFC - BassUP - Microphone - AUX - USB (PowerBank).

:memo: JUDGMENT :memo:
Why did I like the Anker speaker over the others? For several reasons, we see what. First of all, I have been purchasing Anker products for years and I have always been satisfied with both the excellent products that I sell and the extraordinary customer support (of which I have already mentioned in the content section) in case of a defective product, a rethinking or clarifying. Now for me Anker is synonymous with guarantee and quality. Then, secondly, driven by the positive reviews of other users I decided to buy this top of the range of the Anker family. Nothing to say, a real show. The only flaw is the weight (I mentioned it in the “remarks” section … well 764 grams!), Which often and willingly is synonymous with quality, but for me who are always around with the backpack is not a good thing . In fact, a common problem with these portable speakers is the autonomy, an issue that Anker has solved by inserting an 8,000 mAh so powerful and powerful (5V 2A in-out) battery that can act as a PowerBank, that is, you can charge your cell phone / tablet while listening to the music. This feature is really phenomenal. This speaker I think is perfect to be also located in a hidden spot (I find it fun to see the curious people trying to understand the source of music) inside a room to be able to flood music, as if a HI- Complete FI.
After talking about the extraordinary features of this SoundCore Pro speaker, you have to discuss the price. Of course, it’s not low, the 89.99 euro range can be considered as a midrange bandwidth apart from ultra-portable speakers of a few watts, but also from most popular brands such as JBL, EU, Sony, Bose, Philips and many more they have similar characteristics (sometimes even lower) while the price is more than doubled.
Last consideration, the possible audience of this fantastic product. I personally use this speaker both during my excursions, walks or simple outdoor days, in the mountains, at the sea … practically everywhere! But it can also be used quietly to animate a party in a home outside the garden … because as I wrote above it really seems to possess a portable HI-FI system. So personally I think there is no limit to the audience, recommended for the guy spending a weekend at the sea or in the mountains, like for an adult or an elder (match the speaker to a cellphone via Bluetooth or a TV via a RCA jack 3 , 5 mm - see photos - is an awesome facility) that connects it to an old TV set to better hear audio or place it in the kitchen to listen to some good music or radio while preparing lunch or dinner. A produc:joy:t that has no age!

:checkered_flag: VOTE :checkered_flag:
This branded Anchor SoundCore Pro Speaker features an excellent value for money. Awesome sound quality and cleanliness for the size. 25W are endless power for a portable speaker, especially if you try it inside a room it will be hard to put the volume up. If you are good music lovers like me, with this speaker the goose skin effect is guaranteed. Then the versatility of the PowerBank and its IPX4 certified protection is a big plus, which in general, keeping an eye on the price, allow me to give 5 stars full :star::star::star::star::star:


Excellent descriptive review :thumbsup: Was on my list of speakers to test before it was pulled for additional tweaks…maybe on the re-release.


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That’s what I call an extensive review ! Great job @JohnWatson

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WOW that thing is a beast.

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I love the picture of the Beats charger, charging an Anker product. Nice middle finger !


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Great review @JohnWatson. Thanks for sharing your views and opinions.:thumbsup:

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Great review! What struck me was your iPads wallpaper. The iOS 9 beta wallpaper was my favorite Apple wallpaper ever! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for your compliments :smile: for the wallpaper I still have iOS 9 on my iPhone :slight_smile:


Very extensive and thorough review. One thing I didn’t know was that you could use it to charge your other devices, this would be handy for me because when I work overnights there are times u cannot have headphones on and we use a portable Dewalt boom box but it doesn’t last long and it’s always draining our phone battery faster. So if we used this not I not would be get great sound but also exceptional battery life

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Great review

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It’s not very comfortable as a travel power bank, but for overnights work it’s perfect to put it on a desk :relaxed:

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nice review!

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I like the Beats Charger :joy: