SoundCore Pro+ opinions?

can anyone tell me what the SoundCore Pro+ sounds like?

I have a Bose Soundlink II that is ok, just a little boomy for my taste.

the SoundCore Pro+ would be for some friends out of the country to use as a temporary TV soundbar, and music.

I guess it can work while plugged in and charging?


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I don’t about the pro but I have the boost and love it. I connect to the laptop and watch movies. The sound is impressive. I’ve hooked it up to my TV and to watch movies and I think the boost sound better than my 100 soundbar and sub woofer.

I’ll have to look up the boost.

I bought the Soundcore Pro+

Listening wired to lossless files on an iBasso DX90 that has dual-sabre DACs. the player tends to be a tad on the bright side.

really happy it doesn’t have phony boomy bass. that is the worst.

only thing missing is the highs do not have the sparkle I like. just a tad rolled off in the highs.

of course this is all subjective and everyone has different taste/ears.

It’s also less than $100.

honestly, for background music or to improve TV speakers it will work well for most.

I think the metal grille with such small holes blocks a lot of the high frequency energy.

overall, will work for my friends out of the country to improve the TV speakers that are not usable.

needs more highs!