Soundcore Pro+ charging only with 500mA speed


My Soundcore Pro died and I had to get refund. (Thanks Anker!). I bought a Soundcore Pro+ now and I realized that it is charging super slow.

I used my normal charger which is capable of outputting 5V 3A. The documentation of Soundcore Pro+ says input speed is 5V 2A however when checked with current meter I see it draws only 500mA at 5V. With this speed, charging 8000mAh battery takes over 10 hours from empty!

This can’t be right perhaps? Is my device faulty? or Anker’s specifications were incorrect?


Specs checked from user manual:

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I would try using a different cable and also a wall plug that isn’t an adaptive plug… Not sure if the one your using is or not, but most adaptive chargers revert to charging at a lower power output

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